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April 8th, 2013 by ten ton

4th cash in a row with a hot girl sighting

i came up 10 short of making day 2 in event #1 at the liz flynt spring classic. total bummer driving home knowing i came so close but didnt make it. the last hand involved an old guy doing the ol’ limp in early position thing on my big blind. unfortunately for me i thought he just hit top pair….turns out he had flopped aces up ….he got me fair and square. anyway, not much new to report except that i gotta get over this hump of running deep and cashing for sums of money that are far from spectacular. no aces in a four 12hr+ tournament sessions now. im not sure what im gonna do when i finally see them. i might spontaneously self-combust.

the second video really isnt about poker – it’s about hot chicks and gross people.

second bullet will happen either monday or tuesday.

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April 5th, 2013 by ten ton

i’m gonna pay your phone bill ted

tedlottnew illogical ritual alert. so…before every tournament i make it a point to call a few select people while im on my trip to the casino. i usually try to check in with courtney and then call my dad—that convo lasts about a minute if that:

“hey dad”
“hey fran”
“how’s it going dad?”
“im on my way to play a tournament now”
“ok good luck”
“how’s mom?”
“she’s good”
“ok what’s new?”
“ok dad, i’ll talk to ya later”
“ok good luck”
“yup later”

anyway, after my “dad call” on the day of the first deepstack event at the bike this month i decided to ring up my old buddy ted lott. ted is high school and college friend from grand rapids michigan. unfortunately for teddy – i ended up doing well that day so it was only natural he got added to my call list. the kid’s a fuking talisman though – i called him in route before the next 2 tournaments and low and behold i ended up 3 for 3 in cashes thus solidifying my ocd pattern/hypothesis as proven fact. i will stick with this plan for a while and see how it works out – it’s always nice talking to old friends anyway, teddy makes me laugh. if i take down a big one i will pay his cell phone bill for the year.

(i actually call my mom from airport terminals before i get on any departing flight but that’s another odd habit/superstition that will be discussed in the future).

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April 5th, 2013 by ten ton

why my coffee spot shut down

blackcatsee that piece of paper taped to that window. i will sum it up for you: sorry we’re closed cos we went out of biz thanks for coming here even though we did suck and never figured out how to listen to our customers. yup…the coffee shop in my neighborhood, the one that i walk to almost every day after i wake up, has abruptly closed down. what a f’n drag. ya know what though…i’m bummed but im not too fukin surprised. those owners were idiots from the start. i would go in there and ask them if they could put a suggestion box out because i knew other people had to be feeling the same thing. first off they had only one kind of coffee which pretty much sucked. how do you open a spot like this and have only one kind of coffee? they were just dumb and pig headed. it should have been called the pig headed bakery and cafe. i mean, the problem really started with its name “the black cat bakery” cos it’s not a real bakery. before these new owners bought it and changed the name and decor it used to be mani’s bakery and it was jamming all the time. mani’s moved to maple drive where it quickly failed because those owners were unbelievably even more dumb. how you screw up a great bakery/cafe and then replace it with another screw up of a faux bakery/cafe is beyond me. anyway, when it was mani’s bakery a huge portion of their business was baked stuff – cakes, sweets, breads etc etc. there were always a bunch of people buying baked goods and the food was super healthy. it was packed at nights with people on dates, people working – it was awesome. so my question to the new owners always was: why bother keeping the bakery part in your name if you dont really plan on acting like a bakery. it’s just gonna bum people out and ur gonna lose a big customer base. it’s like if my mechanic was called jimmy’s nail salon. you wouldn’t expect jimmy to be fixing cars right? fundamental naming problems.

tonymanisthe other probs with the black cat was that it didnt stay open late, the menu was pretty limited and the coffee selection wasnt great AND they opted for the lazy no server instead take a number routine. mani’s used to have cute chicks waiting tables which, as a single guy, is always win win. they even had a billboard on top of their building that they should have advertised on. it was a no brainer traffic driver….i dont get. if you think u know everything ur never gonna learn. i feel bad for a few of the super cool people that worked there cos now they’re suddenly S.O.L. that place should have worked if the owners listened to the customers and made adjustments. just like in a poker tournament – if ya dont make adjustments you will fail. speaking of not making adjustments…the minnesota vikings offensive coordinator had a huge problem making adjustments and that’s why they usually fuck games up. they only won games because of their super human running back. anyway, im pissed that my coffee shop with it’s pretty crappy tasting coffee closed down cos now i have to find somewhere else to go that isnt literally a block away from me. here’s a pic of when tony was alive – we used to go here everyday and sit outside for about 15 minutes. i would tie him up to the meter at the end of the outside seating. he was awesome – always ordered water though.

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April 4th, 2013 by ten ton

busted 79th – not cool at all

day2wotgthanks to leonard lang for sending me this pic – appreciate it man. btw i’m not a sunglasses wearer all the time. in fact, the only time i wore them was at the beginning of day 2 for the first 2 levels. for some reason i was really anxious and they helped me calm down a bit until i got comfortable with my table. i was tanking on average about 20 seconds per preflop decision just to keep everything at a standard baseline and get in a zone. im sure i was out leveling myself on this. point is, the glasses helped my big bug eyes not give anything away while i was getting acclimated to the table and situation. given my stack size i was potentially and realistically playing for all of it in any pot that i played. it might not have looked cool but there was a purpose behind it. once i settled into (and became one with) the situation they were off and my normal sarcastic/disgusted attitude was on display. useless fact – i know the guy in seat 9 and the guy in seat 1 making the same pose as me at the table behind us. oh man…looking at my stack in this picture is like looking at ur schvonsen while skinny dipping in a sub zero nordic country…that would be tiny, pathetic and embarrassing.

ok now onto the video portion of today’s show. whelp, another tournament down the drain. finished in 79th place. 3 cashes in a row at the wotg series but still so very unhappy with it all. a year ago i would have been very happy just to cash but i’m so over that now. i need to take this down in order to feel fully satiated. i have one area where i can definitely improve upon and after i address that, im pretty sure these cashes will be much sweeter. did i learn anything? yeah, i’m always learning. mostly about myself and the inner workings of my brain. i’ve been getting into many theoretical or philosophical discussions about playing styles and i realize i play a very hybrid/eclectic style. i’m definitely flexible depending upon the situation as there are soooo many factors constantly at work in a tournament. ideally, as i stated in one of my first blog posts, if i could mold my style to a chess opening it would mimic the english opening. when i have to play defensive at times i’m more of a king’s indian defense guy. chess players will understand these references. i cant underscore the cool fact that the english opening sets u up for quick and crushing knockout blows. there are a million ways to skin a cat in poker but everything is predicated upon knowing where u are. i will occasionally try to force a square peg into a round hole but again…sometimes u cant bluff people who cant/wont (read not good enough) be bluffed and sometimes…and SOMETIMES it helps to get some cards. sometimes it’s just 1 or 2 hands that can swing ur tournament status from basement dweller to george jefferson status.

obviously im frustrated by not getting a visit from jj,qq,kk,aa or ak yesterday. i invited
all of them to the party but none of them showed up…rude. aces did however get dealt to 5 of the 9 seats at my table within the first 2 levels. go figure, but i cant keep making wine out of lemons – at some point u need a couple fukin grapes. fuk. yes i need to figure out a way to chip up more without catching cards…that i know. when i figure this out my game will hit another gear. fundamentally it is very strong though….built like this. (omg that video is horrible – i’m sorry if u watched the entire video – at the time im sure it was cool–that’s the disturbing thing?)

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April 2nd, 2013 by ten ton

solid once again – yet another day 2

this makes 3 in row for me – all three winnin’ o’ the green events that i entered i have advanced to day 2. i mean, the writing was on the wall earlier with this year as my play keeps getting better and better. it’s akin to how ur body changes the more you workout. muscles become tighter and then they start to get dense strong if you know what i mean. solid conditioning over time. so… this deepstack event #21 has a 70K first place prize. right now im sitting in 118th/151. i feel good advancing from a field of 1277 but i’m not surprised that i made it. i’m also not surprised that i didnt get a premium starting hand the entire day. AQ and TT were the best hole cards i saw. again…no AA,KK,QQ,JJ or AK. this is only making me a better player. key folds were made and my chips were only at risk twice. both times were when i shoved flops that i had both top pair and flush draws with. i did manage to flop quads and got max value from my 20k stack. in retrospect it was more a battle dealing with frustration and my general level of patience towards the end. i could have easily made some dumb calls around the bubble that would have resulted in my exit but i was able to focus (and stay away from the scotch that i so wanted to order) and grind this bitch out.

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April 1st, 2013 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 7

overturned truckthere havent been an abundant “what i see when i run” posts these days because i simply  havent been running that much – plus, when i do run i’m running the same route from my place to the gym. it’s great living so close to a gym that u can run there and back from – it makes going that much easier.  also, since i have just been doing cardio intervals on the treadmill – running has become more a mode of transportation rather than a part of any training. in addition to this, im not living on the beach so the sights are way less inspirational. (read no hot chicks or ocean creatures)

anyway… that said,  a girl flipped her truck over literally right next to me. apparently she passed out and smashed into 2 parked cars and flipped the truck on its side. this happened like 2 seconds after i ran past the parked cars she hit. when i turned around i saw 3 dudes from the bar running towards the truck so i dialed 911. im pretty sure i was the first person calling and to their credit they got there in like 2 minutes if that (very impressive). so….the 3 dudes pulled her out of the truck unharmed…can u fukin believe that? i can’t. there was a gas leak too…it was kinda high drama as i was expecting the truck to blow up but maybe that’s just too cliche and predictable when it comes to overturned trucks. so….when the girl was talking to the cops i heard her say she was diabetic and that was the reason why there were a bunch of needles scattered on the street near her door. i mean…it’s plausible that she could have passed out – my father has done that too from diabetes so the story kinda checks out. then again….there is that one other reason that would explain needles and passing out….hmmm. the funny thing about this whole thing was how freaked out she was about how angry her dad was going to be. i thought to myself, if that was my kid and i saw the truck in this picture i would probably just hug her and say i’m glad ur not dead. then again, if she was shooting dope and driving i probably would have said the same thing but then ripped into her for being such a fuck up. who knows, but that’s what i saw when i was running. i still prefer chicks in bikinis and the fishermen on the pier.

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March 27th, 2013 by ten ton

rookie mistake costly in mega millions

this one is gonna gnaw at me for a while. why u ask? — well, i honestly thought i could’ve won it. even though i was starting day 2 in about 230th place out of 306(?) with 120k i felt like i really wasnt that far out of contention. there were a ton of players in the 200k range so the opportunity was definitely there. i was indeed forced to play super tight for the first few levels but i was able double up early when a short stack shoved T6off (really?) into my bb when i had AK. soon after i won a tasty pot when i opened raised to 2.5x with A9spades on cutoff. i got a call from the small blind and a shove for 32k more from the bb. after both of us called i shoved on a q high rainbow flop. sb folded and bb turned over KT (really?). i get my stack up to almost 300k with A high. love it. a little while later the hand described in the video comes up. in retrospect i just cant believe i didnt see things as clearly as i should have. everything i discuss in the video about this hand is ultimately incorrect as i didnt consider the obvious. i missed the obvious. the play was simple — 3bet the kid to roughly 75k. if i get jammed on then i fold (even though i dont want to) because i’ve now defined his hand (unless he was bluffing but whatever – i assumed not). my hand cant really go the distance and it was a mistake calling and then forcing it on the flop (although my post flop play is correct). i know my confusion stemmed from preflop play cos i just wasnt sure of the optimal line. my reraise and fold would have most importantly kept me in the tournament — albeit with only 16bb but still – whatever, grinding that size stack is in my wheelhouse. ultimately i got away from the bigger picture and fell back into the rookie mistake of getting attracted to AT because it was suited. so fucking dumb and im embarrassed by this. i had almost all the pieces to this puzzle but fucked it up anyway.

special thanks to greg pohler (pro) who i’ve recently become friends with for going over this hand with me. we happened to sit next to each other at the lapc event and as fate would have it – cool people recognize cool people when they meet them. (then again, it’s not that hard given the sheer about of dbags that play poker). i can’t tell you how beneficial it is to learn from people who have been there and seen it. if i was teaching someone bass guitar there is so much more superior insight that i could offer them as opposed to someone else just learning could. being a sponge and soaking up great champagne is wayyyyyy better than soaking up spoiled milk.

by the way….finishing 161st out of 6273 isnt bad – it’s another step forward. along with 20th in the deepstack a week earlier i’m feeling like this is going where it should go. i’m gonna footnote both these 4 days of poker with the fact that i was dealt AA and KK one fucking time each. ya got that folks. let me repeat AA and KK one fucking time each over the course of two 2-day tournaments. that’s doin it the hard way wouldn’t ya say. sort of like how rocky trained in siberia or wherever he did in this video. seriously how have almost 6 million people watched that clip?!?! the music is so horrible – pay special attention to the keyboards and electronic drum fills. gotta love the steroid injection shot and the end clip of running to top of the mountain range. this wasnt inspirational – i was laughing at the end. now this however is an inspirational rocky clip…a million miles apart in inspiration wouldnt ya say and yet only half the views as the other one. again, i digress…you get the point.

oh noooo…down the utube worm hole…here’s another rocky clip with even less views but it’s got burgess meredith in it who’s fucking awesome. this was somewhat motivational if you think you only have a few friends and are severely depressed.

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March 25th, 2013 by ten ton

second bullet a hit

i’ve finally made a “happy” video. i’ve never made a quick recap of making day 2′s or winning tournies but that’s all changing just cos i’m sick of just recording the bad times buddy. not much else to add to the video except i knew after yesterday’s performance in the first flight that things would be different. i brought a solid game into the day with a lot less “gamble”. i don’t have much “gamble” in me to begin with but when i do get chips my play definitely gets a bit more “creative”. tight proved to be right and day 2 was made.

the other video recaps a third bullet that i missed with. the reason behind this bullet was that if i qualified again it would have paid 3k and i couldve gotten a bigger chip stack. made a couple mistakes – i need to fix a leak of knowing exactly where i am in a hand and still paying off the monkey with top pair. sometimes i make these calls just out of morbid curiosity. this will stop. ok…i have stopped it. i know i’m right and i dont need to keep seeing it. people are this bad and i know it and should love it. goodnight.

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March 24th, 2013 by ten ton

first bullet a miss

the video pretty much sums up everything. just like the deepstack bust in day 2 a week ago, a queen suck out on the river proves to be my demise. a lot changes if those one or two outters dont arrive. you can only hope that in the grand scheme of statistical variance that one day you will be the recipient of those not so probable suck outs. then again, if you’re always getting it in good, the odds drop even further that you will find yourself actually in that position. i digress. as you can see there isnt much new to add to the video bitching except this one observation about players. no matter what, a small percentage of players will advance simply due to a combination of them simply playing their cards and then getting lucky. it’s inevitable and it just happens. i hear about it all the time and you play against these players all the time. what has changed about this fact is simply how i am dealing with it. the outrage has been replaced by acceptance and an understanding that in the long run this is +ev. i want to be playing against these players all the time for sure. i also believe this “acceptance” is helping me regain some composure that i have felt eroding away as of late. yes i fuking bitch my ass off in these videos after i lose but that’s how it gets processed. i don’t like carrying around anger or a constant bad beat story. i dont think it’s healthy. don’t get me wrong though, i still give these people a brief look of disgust and hatred…after all, i’m not the pope – he’s F1.

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March 13th, 2013 by ten ton

good stuff i ingest

supsthat’s my little kitchen table with a bunch of stuff that i’m currently ingesting…sans siamese fighting fish. let me take you on a stroll thru these yummy supplements. my most trusty one is the glutamine. pretty fascinating stuff – in high doses it’s given to burn patients and cancer patients. one of the few amino acids that can cross the blood brain barrier. it’s awesome for recovery. i take it quite a bit – it’s tasteless white powder that dissolves with water in ur mouth. ez stuff. my new fav on the block (thanks to courtenay for the introduction) is z plex which is basically zinc, magnesium and b6. i’ve been taking this before bed and it’s been putting me into an amazing dream state. i have been sleeping deeper and always vividly dreaming. i cant tell you how much fun this is. plus it’s doing what it claims to do…aids in muscle recovery. i’m a lot less sore from my workouts the next day when i wake up. the big thing up there is ur basic protein shake stuff. i dont make shakes i just put it in water, shake and drink. again – ez. the little guy up top is some b12 u dissolve under ur tongue. sometimes i take 10 at a time in efforts to mimick a b12 shot. i love b12 shots but these little pills suck in comparison to the real deal. the mason jar on the left is filled with organic honey (sent to me by my good friend rob bass) all the way from virginia. rob is a bee farmer. i never was a honey person but this shit is amazing. i put it in my chamomile tea. so tasty. u know that honey will never spoil? there’s also some super ant pills. yup – that’s right, crushed up mountain ant from china. i’m out of these pills but i love them. these are again..loaded with zinc and good for athletes, strength and sex stuff. i’m a believer in the super ant for sure. these are just some of the things i ingest…there are many more. i take a great omega 3 that i usually pop before tournaments to keep my brain lubed up but im out now. don’t cheap out on ur supplements people. sometimes good ingredients are worth it….especially in the omega 3 department.

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March 12th, 2013 by ten ton

close but not close enough

i finished 20th out of 490 in the deepstack at the bike this past weekend. yeah it was nice making day 2 and cashing but i’m far from satisfied. my brain and my game are quickly advancing towards the next level. i feel like im about to “level up” in my real life multiplayer rpg. i’m getting closer and closer. i can taste it – like a wolf that’s finally gotten a taste of blood.

bust out hand described in the video above played itself. cliff note version is “local yocal donkey wins AK vs AQ river suck out”. im utg with 370k- blinds 12/24k ante 4k- i raise to 65k – girl next to me calls and then donkey man min raises me. folds back around and i shove remainder of my stack. pot now about 640k. girl tanks and eventually folds but before that fold verbally goes thru a list of the hands she thinks she’s up against…says in some foreign accent “aces, kings…u have ace king?” i almost wanted to say “yeah and it’s suited too”. so – what’s this tell u about this girl? she obviously knew exactly what the situation was and read it perfectly. i was representing a top tier hand and she was right…no wonder she made it that far in the tournament. donk monkey on the other hand insta called with AQ. really? what went thru your primate brain – did u even say to urself…”what hands do i beat right now? what hands do i want to essentially risk well over half of my remaining chips with?” the only hands ur ahead of are AJ or A10 but would a guy with my image even play those hands from that position at this stage of the tournament? the thing is, he didnt ask himself these questions cos he wasnt putting me on a hand…he simply believed he had the best hand the moment he looked at his cards regardless of the action or position. both of his actions – the raise and call where instant. when i turned over AK he said “wow i didnt know u were that strong”. really? really? a 4 bet shove from UTG isnt strong? of course u didnt know didnt because u didnt think and most likely only have gotten this far in the tournament from what i can only assume was some combination of blind luck and getting absolutely smashed by the deck. anyway, i saw the queen on the river before it even hit the felt and was already walking away with a look on my face (similar to this look) as the guy started to celebrate his “skillful” play.

courtenay was there on the rail and i appreciate him being there. he didn’t question my play -he knew the money went in good and the end result was just completely “unlucky”. it’s a drag though. i felt great about my chances at this stage of the tournament. now i just have to get back there and do it again. maybe i will even get aces or kings once. my friend david played the bounty tournament today and in a few hours had aces and kings multiple times. it’s nice getting premium hands but maybe having to work this hard without them is only building a stronger operating system for my game. conditioning will turn me into the cyborg i need to be. as far as card distribution went i did win with QQ twice…one was early on with no action after the flop and one was later on vs david the dragon pham when he shoved on me with 55. i was in the bb with QQ and scored a timely double up. i had jj,tt,99 each once and lost those hands. 88 3x – 2 of them won vs ak the other lost to 77 sucking out a set on the river. that’s it for big hands. talk about grinding.

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March 7th, 2013 by ten ton

blogging depression and some other blogs

how can i call myself a blogger if my blogging randomly stops for a few weeks at a time? truth be told it’s usually due to a bit of depression mixed in with a general malaise towards society. yup, that pretty much sums up the usual reason why i stop blogging. recently i’ve tried taking high doses of vitamin b in efforts to feel a bit more “up” but that hasnt really helped. not too much gets me going these days – it’s been free based down to great structured tournaments and cute women. that’s it. is that bad? i guess it could be worse and only be women. besides playing in tournaments that i can’t really afford to play in nothing is really stimulating me on all levels like it should. maybe i need to move. i wouldnt mind that but i’ve been pretty much everywhere in the us to know that this part of the country is the best fit for me. hmmmm i wouldnt mind splitting time between vegas and here. at least in vegas u can be lonely while surrounded by tons of other people usually having a great time. maybe their good time would rub off on me.

speaking of stimulation and rubbing off on me – i went to a coffee shop tonight in order to get into writing mode. instead i got into “reading someone else’s blog” mode. i discovered this blog completely by random in a weird moment of facebook diving. it’s nice getting motivated after reading someone’s blog. this blog was about this girl’s life in hollywood…that’s what it was about. simple, open and honest – like a gordon ramsay restaurant makeover. her name is luci i can relate to her on a few levels particularly her tenacity, gemini references (im a gemini and also a twin giving me the zodiac trump card though) and sheer blog density/robustness. this chick needs to promote her blog because she doesnt know how good it is. it seems like she is destined for big things. i drank 2 double iced espressos and still didnt finish it. anyway, job well done – it motivated me to get back to what i have been flaking on. it also reminded me of when i blogged on blogger which i now see has turned into blogspot. i’m gonna start mentioning other people’s blogs that i like. i came across a girl’s fashion blog last month that i did some ad work with and her blog was quite impressive as far as honest fashion blogs go. her name is madeline and she makes good videos. good blogs are the genuine ones and the ones that prove the test of time. it’s tough getting people to read ur blog….i used to have lots of blog readers but that stuff correlates to ur “fame”. for now it’s just dad and a few randoms. hi dad sorry i havent called u back. i’m sure after i win a major tournament this blog will get some serious traffic. until then though….

anyway, i watched all the bust out videos that i made and i must say, i find them horrifically beautiful in their raw and unrehearsedness (that word sense to me although i dont think it’s a word). the vids are really fuckin stupid on one level but they’re as honest as can be and that “real time processing” is good. doing it to video is however, either genius or moronic. probably the later but who knows, i think i’m the only poker player doing something like that. ironically, i never make videos when i win. all the cashes — at the bike during the circuit event, at the lapc, and even home games – courtenay was there for a bunch and we should have just made a video because it was a fucking celebration bitches. i’m gonna have to start doing this because that stuff is priceless and definitely a lot more fun to relive than me trying to untangle my brain after losing. ok, new marching orders…bring ipad to every tournament and make sure to record the “good times”. i guess this sort of makes sense though… when i was in my first band signed to island i had 2 press kits – one that was full of great reviews and one that only had bad/negative reviews. the neg one was more interesting to me than hearing all the good shit i already knew. hmmm go figure – old patterns. plus….i dont believe u get better hearing people tell u all the good stuff u already know. it’s sifting thru the bad stuff where u find areas to improve upon.

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March 4th, 2013 by ten ton

crushing small home games and tournaments

nooner_chipsi think my game is starting to hit another gear. things have slowed down enough that i’m conscious of levels, meta levels and even outside psychological levels that play into my game. in the past couple weeks i’ve finished second, first, and second in the last 3 tournaments i’ve played. i’ve also chopped (took second) a nooner at the bike. in retrospect i wish i had played that one heads up but he wanted to split and made me a pretty good offer.

after losing a heads up match to a much weaker player i was able to address a few major leaks in my HU game. subsequently the next heads up match i was in i absolutely destroyed the other person. unfortunately, the next heads up match only lasted one hand after i lost pair over pair – it is what it is. no regrets whatsoever although i’m sure that person was breathing a sigh of relief to not have endure a long HU match with me. what makes this finish even tastier is the fact that i never actually made a hand better than top pair during the entire tournament. i was also issued a warning about drinking as it seems my attitude easily offends some of the more easily offended. if these people only knew how g rated this environment is as compared to some of the more fucked shit that goes on at some of these home games. i did, however, inform the host that as a favor to him, i will NOT drink at his game. omfg that’s gonna be tough because this group of players happens to agitate me a bit more than usual.

can you tell i feel good about my game? weird what experience does for ya. it’s like playing bass. when i’m on stage i honestly feel like i’m the best and no one can do my job better. knowledge, talent and preparedness breed confidence and success. when i walk into any local home game/tournament i’m disappointed if i don’t at least cash as i feel like my play is well above average in these fields.

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February 19th, 2013 by ten ton

lapc bubble boy so gross

it’s a fate i wish upon all my enemies. bubbling. fucking sucks. here’s the deal if u dont feel like watching the video. i played the $1100 no limit hold’em event 44 at the lapc this past saturday. of course i did well and made a deep run (“well” and “deep” are relative to my sample size and experience level fyi…btw….fyi – i will expand on this later) anyway i went out in 39th place out of 378 that made day 2. i missed a min cash of a couple g’s but more importantly i missed out on probably what would have been my biggest cash to date by virtue of this hand.

here’s the hand. mid position blinds 1500/3000 ante ? i forget maybe 500. it was well into the 13th hour of play. i pick up 88 – i have 20 bb’s. i decided to open shove. questionable move given the bubble. was it the dewars or was it just going for it so i had a shot for some real money in day 2? button calls and then the bb calls. a nightmare starts unfolding in front of my face. the nightmare suddenly turns into a wet dream when an 8 appears in the window on the flop. omfg im gonna be like 15th overall in chips! my wonderful wet dream quickly turns back into a nightmarish visit starring pinhead from hellraiser when bitch boy’s ace binks on the river. yes…that happened. set over set to bust me out of a spectacular day of play. when i say spectacular i mean spectacular. i withstood losing to aa, losing with kk while making amazing reads and plays through out. coitus interuptus.

what makes this especially sick is that i was already within the top final 72 overall for the multiday event meaning that all i had to do was not play a hand and i would have easily made it to day 2. here’s the super safe way to play this hand and probably the route i should have taken. in fact i veered away from this route only once that day and it was on this hand. i could’ve raised that to 2.3 or 2.1x and then i would have gotten 3bet and subsequently 4bet shoved on by the kk guy who sucked ass (spewed off 300k during the last couple hours). if it did happen to go down that way i would have dropped my pair and probably snuck into day 2 with a short stack leaving me with only a bingo stack to play with. hindsight is 20/20 – i mainly feel bad for my one partner in this event that being courtney. we are operating on a modest tournament bankroll so cashing is a consideration [read "im not like all these other "pros" (i use that term very loosely btw fyi) that can afford to take multiple shots at these tournaments]. i like playing vs pros – i think they are easier to play against than the random morons the infest the low limit tournaments. hygiene wise there are some incredibly disgusting low level players out there…im talking people with horrible dandruff, body odor and things growing out of their faces. sometimes i feel like im playing cards in middle world with a hobbit and an ogre sitting next to me. in fact it would probably be more interesting if i was indeed in middle earth playing cards with those guys.

i said i was going to expand on something earlier – sounds dirty. here it is: deep runs albeit a really small sample size. let’s look briefly at my 5 tournament buys ins for over $500. caesars winter classic – day 2 cash – caesars fall classic – last level day 1 out on cooler trip over trips with lower kicker (k>q), michigan poker open – last level day 1 AK losing to AJ. this lapc event set over set bubble boy and the wynn championship event this past fall where i just flat out sucked. 4 out of 5 of these were beyond respectable for my experience level. again, this isnt a guy with multiple bullets taking a machine gun style approach to the raffle. this is a prodigy sniper thats taking one shot and making it count. i’m warning everyone – pretty soon all im gonna do is hit the bullseye. im learning valuable lessons with each tournament i play. it’s gonna happen. i know it is.

oh i also cashed in event #2 at the lapc – i finished 73rd? i think out of almost 700. on my bust out hand (kJ hearts) i had 15 outs twice after the flop but couldnt hit :/

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February 16th, 2013 by ten ton

dream team valentine’s day massacre

vday hustlercan you say partners event. yes….finally got to play my first actual team event and i had a blast. too bad my partner (cw) was sick. sick as in ill as in health no bueno. this tournament was at hustler and worked like this: each team player starts at a different table and then after the break the team combines chips and then alternates playing levels. this sounded like a dream except by the time we got to the combine chips part i was the only one with chips. we were out by the start of the 3rd level on what i view as a questionable play. he disagrees but that’s where the different styles come into play. not sure how that hand went but it was something like raise reraise call – villian flops top pair we flop the nut flush draw. it all goes in on the flop and we brick out. personally i wouldnt have risked the 50bb but that’s the deal when you’re a team. if the flush comes in we are a big stack. it is what it is. i think him being sick didnt help at all. i liked this event because the first 3 levels were long and was starting to run over my table by the end of it. i honestly couldn’t believe we didnt win that event. we will hoist the stanley cup next year.

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February 8th, 2013 by ten ton

courtenay running good at lapc

courtenay_lapc my boy courtenay williams ran extremely well at the lapc – i was very very very proud of him. he made the final table of event #29 ($340 doublestack) and finished in 7th place. since i was his only cheering section it was sort of a bummer (after driving out there in bad traffic) only to arrive just in time to witness his bust out. man that suks – he was close. i think if they played the final table on the first night he would have done better. on that particular evening the kid was in a zone where he could do no wrong. sort of like jordan.

courtenay also cashed in another lapc event taking 41st place – i think it was event #17 the knockout bounty tournament. he’s definitely cranked his tournament game up a few notches this month that’s for damn sure. super fun watching him play simply because his style is sooo different from mine. we definitely make a good team. sort of like magic and kareem back in the day when the lakers were actually a cool team. that team with magic, cooper, worthy, nixon, wilkes and jabbar was awesome. basketball kinda sucks as a pro sport anyway. sort of like baseball sucks.

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January 15th, 2013 by ten ton

1.15.12 not so happy anniversary

tony_sobluelast year ago to the day i had to put my dog down after being given a whole 24hr notice that he wasnt going to live much longer than that. what a fucking shitty situation – you bring ur dog into the vet only to get this report “your dog has cancer – it’s terminal and oh by the way do u want to say ur goodbyes now because he isnt going to make it – it’s that bad.” (not the actual quote — i took out the medical jargon). i would be lying if i said i wasn’t gritting my teeth while i type this. it’s amazing how cancer can spread so quickly and so completely? chalk one up for having a stoic breed that doesnt show pain. chalk another one up for wishing animals could talk so they could let us know they’re in pain. still gritting my teeth.

that date, 1-15-12 has subsequently been tattooed on my chest simply because it was impossible to put in directly on my heart. i recently moved back into my place in la and yes it was easier being away for 8 months. quite often i find myself stepping over his imaginary sleeping body when i get up from bed. he spent so much time curled up next to me that this has become my own sort of phantom limb if u will. yeah, it sux – but to answer the question of “if it gets better” i would have to say no, not really. on one hand, life gets easier to “get on with” but for the most part i’ve become a card carrying member of the living dead – so “yeah” (rah rah) it gets easier but it still doesnt get any less shittier. there’s anger, there’s loneliness and there is a profound sadness that permeates the fabric of my soul like an old lady’s stale pall mall cigarette smoke. it’s gross.

to the “surprise” of some “casual observers” i haven’t had the desire to get another dog. i think that statement fell on deaf ears when i said it repeatedly throughout the year. i wish i wasnt quoting a movie here but “there can be only one” applies in this case. i was never really a “dog” person. sort of like i’m not really a “people” person. i’m specific in who i love and what i love and why i love – i dont just love. sorry mom, gandhi, jesus etc etc etc. anyway – tony… my man, my baby boy, my digger…i very very specifically love u and still wish u were by my side.

about the picture in this post. this was taken in 2008 in an alley in santa monica. magnificent pose aside, i particularly liked the blue garbage bin and thought it made for a nice background to his coat. throw in the orange and yellow lines and it’s an instant classic.

here’s a random video i found on my phone from a couple years ago – standard ignore mode. btw – despite how it might sound, i dont sit at home grieving and crying while watching old videos of my dog on repeat. in fact, i have still haven’t watched many of them at all. sometimes i pick out random ones to watch during a tournament though — just to put my head back in the zone. they bring me back to center – sort of like a scope on the end of a rifle.

there were 2 people who called me yesterday because they knew what today was. i want to thank them both for remembering. i appreciate it. it means the world to me that they even remembered. i honestly didnt think anyone would.

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January 9th, 2013 by ten ton

the tragicomedy continues

wsop circuit event #5. 0-3 bleh. solid play matters little when it all comes tumbling down with one tiny slip. level 10 – blinds 300/600 with a 75 ante. i have 15k in chips (25BB). it folds to the button who raises to 1800. im in the small blind and here is the proverbial fork in the road. with ac9c i have 4 options – fold (conservative but smart) shove (leverages max fold equity) 3bet (but that leaves me with 16BB left to either get away from the hand if called or shoved on) and then there’s the option i took which was to call. i called for 3BB leaving me with 22BB –in my mind this gave me one more big bullet for another hand if i don’t get a dream flop. that was a “tightrope” kind of decision in that i was trying to get the best of worlds when i should have been much more decisive. flop was pretty sweet though Ah2c3c – top pair with the nut flush draw. of course i shove and button snaps with AK. board bricks out and i’m done. please let me know ur thoughts on this one. i only get better talking thru these spots with other poker players. i really do want to know.

interesting hands:
early on blinds 100/200 – raised to 1k over 2 limpers with queens. a guy in late position raises to 2400. i call, flopped a Q and figured this guy was gonna try to out aggro me so i led out with 3k praying he would shove which he did and he was drawing dead with AQ and i smiling inside just loving how a plan comes together. please shoot me if i ever lose my stack in the first couple levels like that. sort of like going broke in a limped pot – just wont do it.

i lost 1/3 of my chips to quad aces which was fun. i was heads up with guy on a A38 rainbow board with a pair of tens. i raised pre and bet the flop where i was called. turn was another A which was the absolute worst card for me because it lowered the odds he was holding an A. went check check – i was prepared to ditch the pair to a turn bet but instead pushed him AI for the remainder of his chips as a semibluff on the river. obviously that plan failed miserably. i should’ve just checked and folded to his inevitable river bet but i was tryin to flex some muscle. sometimes it’s better to just flex in the mirror and not in front of people. next hand this same guy turned a straight flush. talk about getting smashed with the deck.

i got my “one time” even though i didnt ask for it. i open shoved with 15BB with A9d only to get called by AA. i ended up hitting a back door flush. i’m not complaining as i was half way out the door. i’ve had my aces cracked what seems like a billion times the past 2 months so i don’t feel any remorse for getting dirty like that with someone else’s aces.

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January 7th, 2013 by ten ton

i should’ve shoved on the flop

wsop circuit event #3 at the bike. 0-2 now. haha i just watched these videos – a 2 part episode of my brain trying to untangle itself after the inevitable punch in the face one receives after busting out of a tournament. i had all day to think about this and after talking to a few trusted confidantes i really think i should’ve shoved on the flop. recap: blinds 100/200 stack size 7200 i’m UTG with AdAh raise 700 one caller MP flop Jd7d5c. i bet 2k. mr play every hand calls. turn 8h i shove hoping for a fold and if not i have draw to the nuts. guy called with 8s8c (no diamonds). over. my mistake was purely in the fact that since i knew i was going all the way with the hand on the flop (absolutely not giving him credit for a flush draw and putting him on top pair shitty kicker) betting 30% of my stack here was the error. i would’ve got more fold equity and put so much more pressure on this fool by making him pay to see that turn. then again, i was trying to get value – seems to be a common mistake of mine…not just shoving it all in like a gorilla but instead thinking i can outplay someone post flop while slowly draining them of chips. oh well. if i had 100BB’s then yeah i should’ve bet what i bet but i didnt – i had 30 left so instead of betting 10BB i should’ve shoved the flop. i still think monkey man would’ve called though so contemplating this any more is just a waste of my precious brain cells.

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January 5th, 2013 by ten ton

spewing a la facebook

selfpromospewing – probably my favorite poker term. when one “spews” they are basically pissing away their chips or cash by being either too loose or too aggressive. we’ve all done it at one point or another. spewing isnt good and if you still do it…u should really stop. why do i bring up spewing? well, because that’s the best word to describe my facebook newsfeed. it’s one long list of people spewing. spewing about, well, essentially nothing (ie their lives). not that that’s bad at all. it’s actually quite befitting of the social media-vomit automatons we have all become. oh shit – i think i’m channeling a biblical quote. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” i think that’s the line. my mother would love me for remembering that. she used to drag me and my twin brother to church to sit right beside her like frozen dobermans. it was so painful that now i strictly limit my church goings to weddings and romantic trips to italy.

ok so yes…i was once a social media sinner but then came 2012. i just added up all of my fb updates in 2012 and there’s a grand total of 10 – that’s crazy right…how aptly last nom de fitting. (that makes no sense but it really does if u think about it – i just butchered a french phrase). i’m kinda proud i wasnt update status spewy last year – sort of gives me carte blanche (no butchering here) to dole it out this year. so, in efforts to keep up with everyones children, cat, dog, plate o’ food and shameless self promotion posts (of which i have medalled in) i’ve decided to make a concerted effort to spew/say something/update/boreuwithmylife in 2013. so far this year i’ve already updated a third of last year’s total. my 2013 goal started out as every other day but even that is proving difficult for me. it will be a challenge to say the least but i feel i deep sense of responsibility to this. cue the hackneyed cliches – if ya cant beat em join em or come on in the waters warm buddy or bend over this wont hurt a bit or are we havin fun yet etc etc.

this reminds me of what an ex gf’s mother told me one day when i said i didnt want kids. she told me that i was wrong and that because i was one of the smart people i should be having kids because too many dumb people are doing it. funny but that was my reason for not wanting kids…the too many dumb people part. well im sure there’s some loose connection to that thought somewhere in this post. you get the idea – basically, i’m spewing and it’s all gonna point back to my current piece of internet realty, that being my blog which, although, in theory, was started to talk about poker, is going to get a whole lot broader (without the women and multiple commas). as dave dameshek would say let it begin

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