4th cash in a row with a hot girl sighting

April 8th, 2013

4th cash in a row with a hot girl sighting

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i came up 10 short of making day 2 in event #1 at the liz flynt spring classic. total bummer driving home knowing i came so close but didnt make it. the last hand involved an old guy doing the ol’ limp in early position thing on my big blind. unfortunately for me i thought he just hit top pair….turns out he had flopped aces up ….he got me fair and square. anyway, not much new to report except that i gotta get over this hump of running deep and cashing for sums of money that are far from spectacular. no aces in a four 12hr+ tournament sessions now. im not sure what im gonna do when i finally see them. i might spontaneously self-combust.

the second video really isnt about poker – it’s about hot chicks and gross people.

second bullet will happen either monday or tuesday.

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