the ten ton legend begins

November 9th, 2012

the ten ton legend begins

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outside of poker my gambling is limited to ping pong, speed chess and craps. as far as ping pong and chess go… i’m pretty confident i will crush you and feel great about my bets. craps…not so much. i have always loved craps but never really knew how to  play it. by that i mean, how to bet and work the game rather than having the game blindly work you over like a dumb monkey.  as a result of my vegas trips this year my game has definitely been evolving.  after doing my own research and figuring out how i liked to bet  i finally had a basic betting and throwing system in play. obviously it’s a work in a progress.

it was 2am at encore on halloween eve. i hadn’t had a good weekend at poker. in fact it was my first losing weekend there. i had been on the phone for about an hour talking to my best friend in the hospital telling her i was sorry i didnt win. i had wanted to win something for her. during the convo i was walking around the edge of the casino floor. i was sitting at a slot machine watching the craps table while i chatted. when the convo ended i took out the remaining cash in my wallet and walked up to that empty craps table. i love playing at empty tables btw. before i rolled sal the dealer asked me if i was there a couple months ago because he had worked at my table. i ended up having a couple laughs with him and the boxman. they were really cool. after i hit my first point he asked me why i wasnt pressing. my answer was pretty much “i’m not sure – cos i still don’t have a solid strategy”. he said, “just take a little back and keep increasing your bets so you’re playing with house money”. the boxman was extremely instrumental in pushing me towards this aggressive line of pressing my bets. i said “ok cool, you drive i roll – just give me back some of it”.

folks, what happened next is really hard to believe. i fucking rolled for over an hour — over 2 shift changes. by the end of my roll i had 2 guys taking pictures of me for their facebook walls and another guy thanking me for his 3k win and the fact he was gonna fly back east first class. i wish i had counted my rolls because from what they were telling me…this doesnt happen that often. it was a special moment indeed. the rapport and trust with the boxman and dealers in particular was incredible. i honestly felt they were rooting for me and well aware they were a part of a magical moment.

4′s on top is how i always started my set. i didnt change a thing. i never placed a bet on the 4 as well. superstition kicks in for sure. all the while i just lined up my dice – kept it cool. calm and methodical. my rolls were a thing of beauty. never hitting a chip and always with a gentle bounce against the back wall. poetry my friends. the guy next to me kept wanting to hi five me and i did oblige here and there but even this invasion of space didnt seem to fuck with my flow. btw, i always set my dice but this time i set them in a way i never have before – it’s my own tweak to the system that’s out there.  i also shot them very differently for come out rolls and point rolls which seemed to produce sevens at the times when u wanted them. regardless, something worked….the combination of my technique and their press bets culminated in a massive win. by the end of the roll i had over 6k in play on the table. i ended up tipping those guys about a grand and i walked with well over 60 times the amount of cash i started with. i made more money in that short while than i have all year in poker….so far that is. i now have the taste of what it’s like to be this guy.  hopefully this will be the first of many legendary ten ton rolls. i can’t wait to get back to vegas.

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