both hands dealer

August 1st, 2012

both hands dealer

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i had a 4 hour break from work this afternoon and found myself right around the block from hawaiian gardens. i’m glad i finally got to see this room. i’m still not sure what i think of my adventure in hawaiian gardens, ca. i dont even know if it met my expectations since they were already so low to begin with. i guess that partly has to do with the fact that it’s built in a tent-like structure. i think i wanted to see plants…lots of hanging plants and built in waterfalls. unfortunately the only thing that was hanging were surfboards. lot’s of surfboards. that place should ditch the boards and incorporate tons of plants and koi ponds.

as far as the game went, i ended up nitting it up at a table full of older gentlemen. highlights included my FH getting crushed by quads. sad. there was also an angry awesome armenian who kept wanting to see my hands for some strange reason. all 3 times i raised pre-flop he felt the need to announce “both hands dealer”. needless to say i slapped my winning hands down in his direction every time. i think he liked me. i think he’s a fucking idiot. here’s a nice post about this douchey move 2+2 – some good stuff in there.

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