bubble butt

July 22nd, 2012

bubble butt

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ohhh mamaahhhh to pay or not to pay the bubble. at home games i’m always the guy that agrees to this. if we pay 3 and are down to 4 when the topic of giving 4th their money back i’m always like “sure” — regardless of my chip count. at a casino tournament there are usually arguments that revolve around not paying the bubble. that said…when you’re the smallest stack in the room i never mind getting paid at least something for my valuable time spent/wasted. we’ve all been the bubble boy at some point so in some ways i feel like it’s good poker karma to pay the bubble. ironically though, in a somewhat regular friday night home game that i play i was the only guy during the entire season who had the dubious honor of being the bubble boy that didnt get paid…TWICE. The times i placed 1,2,& 3 we agreed to pay 4th their money back. For some odd reason when I was 4th there was that guy that didnt want to pay. the illogical magical thinking side of me likes to believe that action will result in that guy being on the receiving end of a negative karmic poker boomerang (also known as -LifeEV). it’s a fucking home game with a shitty structure that devolves into a form of bingo. come on…it only serves to forever put you on my “what a fucking asshole” list.

here’s a great forum thread about poker pro barbara enright who refused to chop

i had a gf tell me i had a bubble butt. i’m still not sure i understand that. what i do understand is the picture of emily ratajkowski on the left..oh momma. when was the last time you saw a female poker player with an ass like that? that’s the million dollar question. only 3% of all poker players are women…what’s the %age of that 3% looking like that? .0001%

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