busted 79th – not cool at all

April 4th, 2013

busted 79th – not cool at all

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day2wotgthanks to leonard lang for sending me this pic – appreciate it man. btw i’m not a sunglasses wearer all the time. in fact, the only time i wore them was at the beginning of day 2 for the first 2 levels. for some reason i was really anxious and they helped me calm down a bit until i got comfortable with my table. i was tanking on average about 20 seconds per preflop decision just to keep everything at a standard baseline and get in a zone. im sure i was out leveling myself on this. point is, the glasses helped my big bug eyes not give anything away while i was getting acclimated to the table and situation. given my stack size i was potentially and realistically playing for all of it in any pot that i played. it might not have looked cool but there was a purpose behind it. once i settled into (and became one with) the situation they were off and my normal sarcastic/disgusted attitude was on display. useless fact – i know the guy in seat 9 and the guy in seat 1 making the same pose as me at the table behind us. oh man…looking at my stack in this picture is like looking at ur schvonsen while skinny dipping in a sub zero nordic country…that would be tiny, pathetic and embarrassing.

ok now onto the video portion of today’s show. whelp, another tournament down the drain. finished in 79th place. 3 cashes in a row at the wotg series but still so very unhappy with it all. a year ago i would have been very happy just to cash but i’m so over that now. i need to take this down in order to feel fully satiated. i have one area where i can definitely improve upon and after i address that, im pretty sure these cashes will be much sweeter. did i learn anything? yeah, i’m always learning. mostly about myself and the inner workings of my brain. i’ve been getting into many theoretical or philosophical discussions about playing styles and i realize i play a very hybrid/eclectic style. i’m definitely flexible depending upon the situation as there are soooo many factors constantly at work in a tournament. ideally, as i stated in one of my first blog posts, if i could mold my style to a chess opening it would mimic the english opening. when i have to play defensive at times i’m more of a king’s indian defense guy. chess players will understand these references. i cant underscore the cool fact that the english opening sets u up for quick and crushing knockout blows. there are a million ways to skin a cat in poker but everything is predicated upon knowing where u are. i will occasionally try to force a square peg into a round hole but again…sometimes u cant bluff people who cant/wont (read not good enough) be bluffed and sometimes…and SOMETIMES it helps to get some cards. sometimes it’s just 1 or 2 hands that can swing ur tournament status from basement dweller to george jefferson status.

obviously im frustrated by not getting a visit from jj,qq,kk,aa or ak yesterday. i invited
all of them to the party but none of them showed up…rude. aces did however get dealt to 5 of the 9 seats at my table within the first 2 levels. go figure, but i cant keep making wine out of lemons – at some point u need a couple fukin grapes. fuk. yes i need to figure out a way to chip up more without catching cards…that i know. when i figure this out my game will hit another gear. fundamentally it is very strong though….built like this. (omg that video is horrible – i’m sorry if u watched the entire video – at the time im sure it was cool–that’s the disturbing thing?)

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