card player main day 1 advance

May 25th, 2013

card player main day 1 advance

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ok, let’s go with the cup half full on this one. obviously i made day 2 of the card player main at the bike which would rate as a positive “cup half full”. i am pretty fkn short stacked though, buuuut….i’m still alive (which is really the most important thing) so the outlook has to be a positive one no matter how u slice it. dwelling on the negative doesnt do any good – a tendency i think most losing players have. i might be wrong here but i definitely dont think holding on to ur bad beat stories or “wahlways me sob stories”** does your karmic chances any wonders. whatever – all good, the videos sum it up my day. i even shot one of me on the 10E that attempted to show traffic but i didnt show u anything except blue sky.

** my bust out videos are indeed my own version of a “wahlways me sob story” but they are one and done. i dont keep posting them everyday or retelling them ad nauseam. that’s the difference. they are put out there one time and thus eliminated from my brain, being, person, mind etc etc etc. hypocrisy avoided.

couple notes on overall event strategy/game plan. initially i was planning on reentering this event for a second time but i found out you dont get paid for making day 2. instead u just get the higher of the 2 chip stacks. given that set of parameters i’m just gonna make do with what i have (my measly 35k) and hope to #rungood on monday…im due for a #goodrun. can i get a pound rungood?

ok – watch the videos for post tournament thoughts. does anyone watch these videos. maybe someone does.

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