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June 24th, 2013 by ten ton

logo art and design – behind the scenes

toddlogoi’m in the process of working on a couple t-shirt designs – these designs are going to be disgustingly awesome – why?…because i have good taste. PLUS, the guy that i have do most of my design work (todd calvert) has even better taste. todd has s a very similar aesthetic – he’s actually helped me with most of my tattoo design work. he understands what i mean when i say there is beauty in ugly and there is art in simple. imo you really need to have some sort of art background to truly understand these concepts. seeing beauty in ugly is actually worth a post in and of itself at some point. i had this epiphany when i was taking art classes at u mich. i ended up having an art professor that was so out of the box that he changed how i had, up until that point in life, processed art and saw/interpreted beauty. this guy used to paint mixed media on top of old maps. he was awesome – i dont think most of the class saw his genius. anyway….i’m so happy to have had that experience. transcendental in a way. back to todd – the guy is cool but seriously has issues responding to texts and getting back to people. we all hate helping friends for free though….maybe that’s why — but he can verify that i did offer to pay him — and i still will….if he eventually finishes. maybe when he reads this post he will get motivated…or maybe not.

im gonna try to silkscreen shirts on my own – then i can get great quality shirts (ie alternative apparel) and make shirts that i would genuinely like to wear. i guess i need to make the screens first. google..will help me. maybe i will be able to sell a couple. that would be awesome. update — found a place in sf that can burn a screen for me and send me what i need. this should be fun to do.

side note – todd has a wall in his place painted with chalkboard paint. it looks awesome and i’m copying it. i have a 5′x 6′ spot in my hallway that would be a perfect spot for a chalkboard.

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October 13th, 2012 by ten ton

i need a logo designed

this is a contest but i guess it’s more like a job posting. the deal is this. i will pay cash for any logo design submitted that i use. i’m really only looking for one design so i guess in that regard it’s a contest. i’m not gonna be ur typical cheap ass stingy poker player btw…i understand you get what you pay for and that great design work costs money.  i’ve also grown tired of asking friends for help because although friends are great and awesome and all, they usually have way too much to deal with in their own lives to make helping me out a priority. that’s how it goes and i get it. so…send me an email and i will tell you what im thinking –  i can even send u some rough sketches i have made and we can take it from there.  i pay well btw – just ask the guy i found who helped me redesign and reprogram all the code in this site.

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August 16th, 2012 by ten ton

anti-climactic end of twitter contest

well, oddly enough the bicycle casino was my first twitter follower. weird right.i have yet to advertise this blog and get it out there….still in beta testing mode – need to find an email widget. i guess that doesnt count then. so how about the first real person that follows me gets a prize. honestly i will give that person a prize. i had a great idea for a couple t-shirts. i’m gonna work on getting some made.

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August 14th, 2012 by ten ton

my first official twitter contest

[twitter-follow username="TenTonIsNumber1" scheme="dark"] i used to have a twitter account with many many followers. now i have zero followers. is this how it feels being the last kid picked in gym class to be on a team? i’m gonna reward the first person to follow me with something. i wonder who that person will be – will they be cool? will i know them already…i hope not. maybe i will send them a book. maybe i will meet up with them in vegas and give them $40 to gamble with. come to me oh first twitter follower…come to me now.

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