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July 7th, 2013 by ten ton

mr porter’s package

mrporteri ordered something online from this site called mr porter and i gotta tell ya, A plus plus in the delivery/presentation department. these guys put other companies to shame by how they package up their stuff. check out the pic – that was for one swim trunk. you gotta absolutely love the “mr ten” card from mr porter. it was all very bond like – they even included a handkerchief. talk about great packaging. i’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. i didnt love the swim trunk but whatever, it was marc jacobs – it was ok but a bit too neon for me. i ordered another swim trunk from parke & ronen which happened to be better but they shipped it in just a plastic bag…lame but i will end up wearing it more often. oh well, that’s online shopping for ya.

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July 2nd, 2013 by ten ton

mophie, i love thee

mphieboxi was pretty stoked when i bought my first mophie juice pack last year. i thought i was really cool showing up for a tournament with xtra iphone battery life. seriously though, it was the perfect thing for tournament play. unfortunately the jack/plug thing broke after about a month. ok, fine, i went back to the apple store and ended up buying another one with an even longer battery life because the fuckers at apple wouldnt replace it “since apple didnt make it blah blah whatever blah then apple couldn’t replace it”. really? sometimes apple suks massive balls. you know what i mean…everything apple isnt smooth sailing all the time. that said, i love their products and am still soooo very happy to have made that “pc to apple” switch back in 05. anyway, back to mophie, so i bought the juice pack plus – it was all black and looked cool but then the bottom casing started to come apart again near the jack/plug. are you kidding me? no way? i decided to send an email the company because that’s just bullshit. stuff like that shouldnt break. it’s like the old apple headphones that would break after 2 months. as it turns out, the the mophie guys, unlike the apple guys, were basically awesome (jacob in particular who was my customer service rep). they won me over not only by replacing my juice pack but by sending me the replacement in the box pictured above. i luvvvvv stuff like that – good packaging says a lot about a company. those little things make me remember companies and help keep me loyal. so, mophie’s great customer service and packaging changed me…they made me a happy man and a huge fan of the brand. simple. customer service always reigns supreme. check out their letter below.letterfrommophie

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November 27th, 2012 by ten ton

my glasses are half full

tom ford glasses. i dont post a ton of style related entries but from time to time there’s gonna be that occasional “style” post. this one is about eyeglasses.  let me preface this by saying, i’m a snob when it comes to nice things – that’s for sure- but i’m completely upfront about it. i love  nice things and i have no problem paying for nice things – especially for items that can easily be categorized in the “timeless” department ie a nice crisp white shirt or a black panther tattoo….you know…essentials that never go out of style.  shoes, glasses, watches etc etc are items i dont believe anyone should be cheap about.  go skimp on other items like canned tuna, bottled water or toilet paper.

recently i updated my glasses with these frames by tom ford. pretty awesome. i always hated wearing glasses as a kid and not much has changed as an adult. rarely will i  wear glasses out in public but i have no problem with these frames – beautiful, simple, classic. i would like to thank my ever faithful stylist who helped me pick these out. i believer she is, hands down, one of the best in her field. she has an intuitive knack for finding the right fit for her clients’ respective personalities. her opinion on style and trends, albeit ever such a trivial subject to most poker players, matters to me. she should be the one doing makeovers for people on tv. having a good stylist is akin to having a good hairdresser, mechanic, tattoo artist, doctor and/or therapist. they’re all equally important. come to think of it, i think all the female “celebrity” poker players that i have seen either on tv, twitter, in mags, or online could really benefit from some quality time spent with her.  what im saying is that if you are going to leverage your looks then you should really step up your game – especially considering the fact that being a decent looking female in the poker community automatically makes you a hot/sexy/desirable female simply by virtue of  your scarcity. sort of like the red diamond and these things. the female poker players know this and the smart ones play to this. you know who you are -im sure my stylist would fly to vegas or meet with you in la. it’s worth it – trust me.

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August 6th, 2012 by ten ton

sock it to me

they win u moneyi got 3 pair of these for my bday this past may. sadly they were the only gifts i received. 3 pair of socks…hmmm. at least they’re great socks. in fact, after i tried them on i ended up buying 10 more pairs and replacing all my other socks. sometimes you just gotta refresh your page if ya know what i mean. they really do make me happy and i also think they’re lucky socks. it’s argyle all the way from now on. trust me…these socks feel good. happy socks

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