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April 1st, 2013 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 7

overturned truckthere havent been an abundant “what i see when i run” posts these days because i simply  havent been running that much – plus, when i do run i’m running the same route from my place to the gym. it’s great living so close to a gym that u can run there and back from – it makes going that much easier.  also, since i have just been doing cardio intervals on the treadmill – running has become more a mode of transportation rather than a part of any training. in addition to this, im not living on the beach so the sights are way less inspirational. (read no hot chicks or ocean creatures)

anyway… that said,  a girl flipped her truck over literally right next to me. apparently she passed out and smashed into 2 parked cars and flipped the truck on its side. this happened like 2 seconds after i ran past the parked cars she hit. when i turned around i saw 3 dudes from the bar running towards the truck so i dialed 911. im pretty sure i was the first person calling and to their credit they got there in like 2 minutes if that (very impressive). so….the 3 dudes pulled her out of the truck unharmed…can u fukin believe that? i can’t. there was a gas leak too…it was kinda high drama as i was expecting the truck to blow up but maybe that’s just too cliche and predictable when it comes to overturned trucks. so….when the girl was talking to the cops i heard her say she was diabetic and that was the reason why there were a bunch of needles scattered on the street near her door. i mean…it’s plausible that she could have passed out – my father has done that too from diabetes so the story kinda checks out. then again….there is that one other reason that would explain needles and passing out….hmmm. the funny thing about this whole thing was how freaked out she was about how angry her dad was going to be. i thought to myself, if that was my kid and i saw the truck in this picture i would probably just hug her and say i’m glad ur not dead. then again, if she was shooting dope and driving i probably would have said the same thing but then ripped into her for being such a fuck up. who knows, but that’s what i saw when i was running. i still prefer chicks in bikinis and the fishermen on the pier.

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December 13th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 6


back on the mean streets of mid wilshire. a very memorable run for a few reasons. most importantly, it was the first time i have been able to drag my lazy ass out of my place since i’ve moved back from newport. i havent exercised since mid october and have not only succombed to the not so healthy stereotypical poker lifestyle (ie sitting around, staying up way too late, eating too much, drinking and occassionally smoking) but i’ve also given in to a pretty powerful negative mood swing. for lack of a better word you can say i have been depressed…to put it mildly.

i have dealt with small bouts of unipolar depression my entire life but have pretty much been able to manage them. for me, drugs never worked at all and the only effective therapy was the manipulation of brain chemicals via exercise. exercise is a necessity – it  isn’t really fun in the haha way but sometimes it can be fun in the immediate stress relieving way – especially outdoor stuff like running.  with so many positive fringe benefits…ie you eat great, look better, sleep well and get shit done it’s hard to believe it can be so easy to stop working out. unfortunately, as easy as it is to fall out of it (as is the case when one falls into a black hole), starting back up tends to be even harder. i think being back in this apartment without tony amplifies the omnipresent sadness that my place seems to be laced with. sometimes i get up out of bed and step over what my brain still thinks is him. sometimes i think i hear his collar but then it turns out its my key chain janggeling. he was such a deep and intricate part of my life that it’s still been difficult filling that void. don’t think it will ever be filled…it’s just accepting that void which is the pretzel that my mind needs to untie.

redneonpsychicanyway – to make a long post short, i finally got my ass out and ran and it was good. it was  also the first time running in la without tony at my side. maybe that’s why i liked running in newport…it was an area that had never been associated with past memories. so…for some reason i decided to go get courtenay’s boxer (named bobby) and take him with me. bobby hasn’t had it easy – he’s got a back leg that seems to bother him all the time and he definitely has some skin probs but the kid’s got soul – you can see it in his eyes. he’s white too. it’s was almost like being with a tony ghost. it was great fun having him there though…good in a weird cathartic way albeit bittersweet. i’m gonna make it a point to go pick bobby up as much as possible. he was an excellent conversationalist as well.  not much else happened on the run besides the aforementioned mental maelstrom – i did happen to pass by one of the few psychics on my street. i’m into how late these guys stay open. it made for a good pic – i love neon signs very much.

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November 17th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 5

i was hauling ass the other day while simultaneously filming video from my iphone. not sure why i was doing it…just felt like watching a video that documented where my eyes would go when i run. so many things to look at when im at the beach…especially when i run to the end of the pier. on this particular day it was like it was meant to be. when i got to the end of the pier and looked down into the water there was a big sea lion swimming in a beautifully colored greenish blue ocean. it really was a wonderful site to see. oh, that creepy breathing you hear in the video is me cos i was literally sprinting down this pier and out of breath when i stopped. so awesome to find this big lug enjoying an afternoon swim. she was just waiting for the fisherman on the pier to feed her some of their fishing bait. hope u enjoy this video because it’s better than watching most of the morons in los angeles.

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October 12th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i don’t run_4

sort of disturbing right? i think it is. i’m conflicted because i still love sushi. anyway, i need to fess up to the almighty running gods. i havent really been running lately. its pretty much been walking, thinking and talking on the phone. i’ve been in one of those down cycles as far as running goes. not sure why. hopefully it will pick up. my walks have made for some good time consuming pier adventures though. i have become somewhat “friendly” with a pelican and these fisherman dudes will always talk to ya. staring out into the ocean is a good thing in general. i like to think it washes aways some of my stress. i think it does actually. i had a dream last night that i was singing a song. it went like this: “outside is another life we call our own”. i dont remember the music anymore. i woke up and sent myself an email about it. i barely remember doing that. our brains are amazing.

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September 19th, 2012 by ten ton

smelly couple on the flight

when i was in line boarding my flight out of minneapolis i smelled what i thought was puke. i figured some little kid must have puked somewhere close by and that’s what it was. at the same time i looked behind me and saw a little indian couple that had just walked up almost too close to me – awkwardly close if u know what i mean. anyway, i got my ticket scanned and made my way to the plane. oddly enough when i make it to my aisle seat i’m seated right next to that same couple that was behind me. yes, i know, dont ask me how they made it to their seats before me as im still confused about that one. after a few seconds (and to my horror) i realize that the smell i smelled was not puke at all but something that had to do with the indian couple. it literally smelled like cheetos and puke. it was so offensive that i felt like i was being olfactory raped. how do people not smell themselves? after about a minute of this torture i couldnt deal so i got up and walked to the back of the plan to find an empty seat. i found an empty row, fell asleep and woke up in grand rapids. thank u lord o jesus christ.

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September 6th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 3

i like running down the pier because that’s where you occasionally run across some intense stuff. case in point, the guy who caught the shark. he was gonna eat if for dinner – he told me it tastes like chicken. i’m not sure how i feel about seeing all of these fish struggle while they’re still alive and flopping around on the pier. i think the fishermen should kill and put them on ice quickly – seems like the more humane thing to do…i know there’s irony all over that statement but it is our non vegetarian cycle of life after all. sometimes i like to think about aliens coming down and doing that to us. that would suck wouldn’t it….to have a hook in ur mouth while all the little alien babies stared at u…not to mention some guy running by taking pictures of u for his alien blog.

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August 12th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i run – 2

i listen to episodes of deuce plays with bart hanson when i run. i listen to random episodes when i work out as well. is that weird? i don’t think so. i’m a believer that if you want to learn something you better immerse yourself in it. i’m also a believer that if you’ve got the time you might as well make the most of it – i find it very productive going over hands when you’re completely in the zone. i like listening to episodes over and over. bart dishes out a lot of info – more on him in a later post though. deuce plays is pretty much my only playlist these days.

can you believe the size of this pelican that was just hanging out on the pier. awesome.

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July 20th, 2012 by ten ton

what i see when i run

i love running down here at the beach…beats city running in a heartbeat. i’ve been running pretty regularly since feb. somehow and thankfully my back healed up (took 8 months) and i’ve been able to get back into top form this year. i wasnt able to do much running the last year of tony’s life because he slowed down too much but i think about him often when i’m running. for almost 10 years he was always with me when i ran. when i run down the pier i imaging his head floating in the sky above the pacific ocean as if it was a big sun shining down on me. fuck. i miss that guy.

anyway…these are a few of the distractions i have seen on my runs in the glorious sunshine of socal. even though that seal looks small in the picture it wasnt. i felt sad for the sea ray because it was still breathing while it was up there dying in front of everyone. the guy said it tastes like chicken. hmmm i eat fish so maybe i’m being hypocritical. maybe they should have at least killed it quickly rather than let it suffer. i could at least deal with that i guess.

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