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September 26th, 2013 by ten ton

frank hits bad beat jackpot table share

frankso_badbeatsometimes life seems to work out great when it’s not planned. like the time i won a hustler tournament when i wasnt planning on playing it. like the time i turned my last $300 bucks into tens of thousands on an hour and a half dice roll in vegas. like last night when my buddy frank who wasnt planning on playing cash hit a bad beat jackpot table share.

the day started out with me really wanting to play a tournament cos i knew couldnt play much in the next week. turns out hawaiian gardens had a “decent” value tournament going on so it was worth the drive. i called up frank and pretty much told him he was coming with me – he’s new in town and has never been to hg and i also figured we could both use a break from the regular spots. that said, i picked his ass up and we schlepped it out to the gardens. the drive down was kind of shitty but it got better when i decided to get off the packed 105 and take side streets. frank busted the tournament at the second break and since he said (to my astonishment) he had no plans on playing cash and was just gonna wait for me i insisted he take my money and play.

as destiny would have it,frank sat at the right table at the right time to witness this awesome bad beat jackpot. AA vs KK on a K99KA board. was the drunk golfer with the aces stoked to lose that hand and subsequently win 30k …. yup. was frank stoked to net over a couple g’s for just being an innocent bystander…yup. was i stoked to get that text message while i was still in the tournament…yup. did i think he was fuking with me…yup. was i happy i had a stake in that win…yup. so random, so good. way to be franklin!

at 3am i ended up busting in 11th for a min cash. we ended up at a 24hr korean place eating bi bim bop til 5am. this was a much needed decent night out.

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July 15th, 2013 by ten ton

running bad – a few thoughts

franpokerhandsno i’m not sleeping at the table – i’m actually writing down every single hand i was dealt. why did i do this? to disspell the notion that i was the boy crying wolf all the time about getting dealt shitty cards for the past few months. this year in general has been one horrendous run bad. the sheer lack of premium hands has definitely sucked major ass. on one hand, it’s made me a more skilled player though – case in point making day 2s routinely (in LA) without hands better than TT. another case in point was the hustler tournament won with the best hand of 77. yeah that’s cool an all fran but this is like trying to compete in a marathon wearing flip flops instead of running shoes. wait, i take that back…snowshoes…you know..these kind snowshoes-snocraft-vintage-2

i definitely think my wsop results would have been very different if i was dealt at least my statistical average of premium starting hands. that tiny difference would have made a serious impact. there is only so long you can ration out your chips and make plays with 96s. as far as writing down hands…i have routinely done this during tournaments…sometimes it helps focus but it also keeps things in perspective. for example, in the wsop i was seeing 30 hands per level on average. i can also see what hands i did play – how i did with them and where i made both good and bad plays. i find it very helpful to do this every other tournament. then again, i’m about to book an appointment with an energy healer in hopes of some sort of energy cleanse that will help me attract some decent hands. ya know the chinese say lucky in cards unlucky in love – lucky in love and unlucky in cards. they need one for unlucky in cards and unlucky in love cos that’s the state of affairs over here with snowshoe man.

i know we all know this but it’s worth noting again. the probability of getting pocket aces is 1/221 and the probability of this happening twice in a row is (1/221)2 = 1 in 48,841. also! about 2.5% of the time you can expect AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo – that’s 1/39. so just give me that 1/39 please…all i ask – shit that’s almost one of these 5 hands every level. imagine that….wet dream.

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July 2nd, 2013 by ten ton

mophie, i love thee

mphieboxi was pretty stoked when i bought my first mophie juice pack last year. i thought i was really cool showing up for a tournament with xtra iphone battery life. seriously though, it was the perfect thing for tournament play. unfortunately the jack/plug thing broke after about a month. ok, fine, i went back to the apple store and ended up buying another one with an even longer battery life because the fuckers at apple wouldnt replace it “since apple didnt make it blah blah whatever blah then apple couldn’t replace it”. really? sometimes apple suks massive balls. you know what i mean…everything apple isnt smooth sailing all the time. that said, i love their products and am still soooo very happy to have made that “pc to apple” switch back in 05. anyway, back to mophie, so i bought the juice pack plus – it was all black and looked cool but then the bottom casing started to come apart again near the jack/plug. are you kidding me? no way? i decided to send an email the company because that’s just bullshit. stuff like that shouldnt break. it’s like the old apple headphones that would break after 2 months. as it turns out, the the mophie guys, unlike the apple guys, were basically awesome (jacob in particular who was my customer service rep). they won me over not only by replacing my juice pack but by sending me the replacement in the box pictured above. i luvvvvv stuff like that – good packaging says a lot about a company. those little things make me remember companies and help keep me loyal. so, mophie’s great customer service and packaging changed me…they made me a happy man and a huge fan of the brand. simple. customer service always reigns supreme. check out their letter below.letterfrommophie

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May 28th, 2013 by ten ton

first press blip – baby steps newbie alert

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 2.35.09 PM at the end of day 1 (card player main at the bike) i met the managing editor of card player – a guy named julio rodriquez. julio had asked me my name and i now know why. it was because he was describing the hand (pictured) for their live online updates. love that part that says “later claimed to have jacks”. i actually did fold jacks. if this was any other bullshit tournament in la i would have probably re-shoved there. in fact, if that other dude who 3bet me wasnt in the hand i would have been playing for my stack against the 4bet shove guy because that dude’s range was wayyy too wide to not do so. turns out i was crushed by both. gotta admit, i folded because of the 3bet guy with aa – he was the reason i was tanking. if the aces guy had just called my raise instead of repopping me i probably would have been dead because i honestly didnt give the 4bet shove guy credit for a big pair. anyway…there’s a time and place for shipping it with jacks…that wasnt one of them.

cardplayermag_francistenstrangely enough my next and final press blurb happened to be when i had JJ again and it did happen to be the time and place to ship it. well, u can read it there. i like their use of the word “unfortunately”. it almost sounds as if they cared. it was rather unfortunate though as i was so looking forward to getting my picture in the live updates as i made day 3…..yeah….not happenin.

anyway, the point of this post was to say that this reminds me of when i had my first ever band review in the university of michigan daily paper. i was super excited, so much so i faxed it (from my job at kinkos) to my dad at his office and he pretty much responded with “wtf are u doing wtf is this – dont do that again”. it was a total buzz kill – but then again my dad wasnt too thrilled with my music career choice at that point in time. it wasnt until i slapped down a 100k check in front of him that he changed his tune so to speak. anyway – yes….i am fully aware this is such a minor insignificant blip for any player but for me, given the fact i have no resume, it’s a baby step as i set out to do what i plan – just like i did in music. when i picked up a bass guitar i had no clue how to play it. i knew it had 2 less strings than a guitar so i figured it would take less time to learn it and thus less time to get a record deal etc etc etc. anyway – u get the idea.

btw that job at kinkos lasted at most 2 weeks – maybe less.

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May 20th, 2013 by ten ton

meet 8 card stud – my metaphysical backer


8 Card Stud is the alias that my backer has chosen. I’m sure this alias will go down in lore right along side the great ones like watergate’s deepthroat or at the very least fletch’s dr rosenpenis. rarely do you meet people like 8CS and i would bet that the people who do meet him are quite lucky. you see…this man, is out to change lives… and i mean that in a good way – the right way. he’s an “actualizer” and actualizers, my freinds, are very special people indeed.

a week ago 8 Card Stud and i met up at a “trendy” LA hotel. reconnecting with him was akin to seeing a magicada but only more epic because most people only see those guys once every 17 years and i hadnt crossed paths with 8CS for well over 20. yes, you read that correctly… 8CS and i go wayyyy back –  to a different time and a different place. amazingly, even with all that time in between, it’s like we hadn’t missed a beat.

i left our meeting thinking it was a shame that we lost touch all those years because this dude is one seriously funny guy…oh the many years of laughs that were not had. alas, all is not lost. as it turns out, there is much comedy on the horizon as the quest for ten ton poker dominance now becomes 8CS actualized.

on one hand life is strange, but the more u live it, the more you aren’t surprised in the least when those one outers on the river inexplicably seem to get dealt.

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April 9th, 2013 by ten ton

no texting during the hand

thank god for unlimited texts as most of my communication seems to be done this way. i’m usually only texting 1 or 2 people during tournaments though… and it’s usually just quick updates. i never twitter that shit because i don’t really think it’s that cool to spew on twitter like that. u become annoying if you keep twittering ur chip stack and then i don’t pay attention. ever notice that? people who spew on twitter essentially become white noise and eventually u just delete them from ur feed because they just clog it up. protester/anti-establishment people who i love to follow always do this and then i bum out cos i have to get rid of them after my brief tryst. it’s like a girlfriend that talks a lot. god…i’ve had a few of those. they were usually pretty hot which did end up balancing out the never ending babble though. anyway… usually, only a few really really really close buddies could give a crap about ur chip stack. i think if ur gonna do that then u should have a separate twitter account just for ur updates but really…is that necessary? show some restraint for god’s sake.

texts that first text in the pic is with courtenay when we were both playing a flight at the bike. first off – courtenay is jewish so he’s allowed to call himself jewish without being anti semitic and secondly since im not jewish but his best friend i get a free pass in the name of comedy to call him a jew. so…the second text was pretty one sided come to think of it – not too much back n forth going on there but i do like the steady chip level progression topped off with the final “congrats” 4 hours later. friends. we all need some.

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March 4th, 2013 by ten ton

crushing small home games and tournaments

nooner_chipsi think my game is starting to hit another gear. things have slowed down enough that i’m conscious of levels, meta levels and even outside psychological levels that play into my game. in the past couple weeks i’ve finished second, first, and second in the last 3 tournaments i’ve played. i’ve also chopped (took second) a nooner at the bike. in retrospect i wish i had played that one heads up but he wanted to split and made me a pretty good offer.

after losing a heads up match to a much weaker player i was able to address a few major leaks in my HU game. subsequently the next heads up match i was in i absolutely destroyed the other person. unfortunately, the next heads up match only lasted one hand after i lost pair over pair – it is what it is. no regrets whatsoever although i’m sure that person was breathing a sigh of relief to not have endure a long HU match with me. what makes this finish even tastier is the fact that i never actually made a hand better than top pair during the entire tournament. i was also issued a warning about drinking as it seems my attitude easily offends some of the more easily offended. if these people only knew how g rated this environment is as compared to some of the more fucked shit that goes on at some of these home games. i did, however, inform the host that as a favor to him, i will NOT drink at his game. omfg that’s gonna be tough because this group of players happens to agitate me a bit more than usual.

can you tell i feel good about my game? weird what experience does for ya. it’s like playing bass. when i’m on stage i honestly feel like i’m the best and no one can do my job better. knowledge, talent and preparedness breed confidence and success. when i walk into any local home game/tournament i’m disappointed if i don’t at least cash as i feel like my play is well above average in these fields.

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November 25th, 2012 by ten ton

zeebo theorem at the office

located off the 101 in between hollywood and the valley sits a respectable little cash game that goes off a couple times a week. the game is held in what i presume was, at one point, maybe 20 years ago, a nice office building. if i had to work in this office on a daily basis i would probably want to shoot myself because i can only imagine what a bummer it must be in the daylight. needless to say, courtenay was my “in” to this game. the set up isnt bad: 2 dealers that rotate, nice hosts, plenty of food, flat screens and the occasional 80′s dance music play list. the regulars’ skill levels varies from decent to horrible. when the game plays big it’s way better than when it stays at the smaller blinds.

it was at my second trip to “the office” when i finally got zeebo’ed. zeebo theorem states: no player is capable of folding a full house on any betting round, regardless of the size of the bet. it’s pretty true – i lost 2 big pots with full house over full house and at that moment i was utterly incapable of folding – even after i was reraised. why? cos i refused to believe they had a better hand – yet there were better possible hands to be had. i found it tough to believe but that’s zeebo in action and as a result i have gotten better. i’ve always been one to learn better from direct experience as lessons “stick” more.

here is some more info i found on the web about taking advantage of the zeebo theorem:
The Zeebo theorem assumes that a full house is a very strong and rare hand, thus players will very rarely, if ever, fold a full house. Even if a player holds a weak full house, more often than not, they will still convince themselves to call knowing that there is a possibility that they are being bluffed. There are at least three kinds of situations, where you can profitably apply the Zeebo theorem:
1. If you think your opponent has a full house and you hold a better hand, put as much money into the pot as you can.
2.Avoid bluffing a player you put on a full house. Even on a board like AAK55, when you think your opponent has a 5,attempting to bluff him is like setting money on fire.
3.When you play against a very good player, they will certainly be aware of the Zeebo theorem. If you hold a weak full house, like this from the previous point, and they make a large bet, they will almost surely hold a better hand, trying to extract the most value. Fold and save your money.

please note – i totally avoided the obvious sports quarterback reference

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November 20th, 2012 by ten ton

introducing the ten ton poker team

this team will function just like any hipster la motorcycle club except it will be 100 times more bad ass. (i’m sure my team patch will be cooler too – see current logo design contest). as it stands right now, this team consists of only one other person – my good buddy courtenay. hey, u have to start somewhere right? i met courtenay about a year ago at an incredibly incredibly low limit home cash game in hollywood. after the game he saw tony in my truck and as fate would have it….he also has a male boxer with a human name (bobby). even though courntey didnt know tony for long he came to say goodbye to him which really meant something to me. i had “friends” who, to this day, have never sent condolences or even mentioned his death to me. read: i have no respect for you now.

it would be great if this team eventually grows to include people that i think are solid players or people that i have either staked or bought shares of. it probably won’t though because we are operating on a modest budget…modest is an overstatement. i’ve mentioned this before but the underlying reason why i am investing money in staking other players is because i need to experience that side of the coin. obviously, i want to be staked in as many big buy in events as possible so understanding what if feels like to be on the opposite side of the stake is important for me to experience. to date, courtenay has been the only poker player to put money on me and i really appreciate that. he’s seen me make deep runs and cash in a bunch of tournaments where he’s had a piece of the action. it’s nice when people have enough faith in you to literally put money on it.

i’d like to also add that i appreciate courtenay’s style of play which is very different from mine. i think we both benefit from talking about hands as well as watching each other’s approach to the game. it’s great being able to sit down at the same table for hours and then discuss certain hands and thought processes. ultimately i know we make each other better players because of this. anyway, he’s the only guy i really trust when it comes to poker – he’s proven it by putting his money where his mouth is.

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November 9th, 2012 by ten ton

the ten ton legend begins

outside of poker my gambling is limited to ping pong, speed chess and craps. as far as ping pong and chess go… i’m pretty confident i will crush you and feel great about my bets. craps…not so much. i have always loved craps but never really knew how to  play it. by that i mean, how to bet and work the game rather than having the game blindly work you over like a dumb monkey.  as a result of my vegas trips this year my game has definitely been evolving.  after doing my own research and figuring out how i liked to bet  i finally had a basic betting and throwing system in play. obviously it’s a work in a progress.

it was 2am at encore on halloween eve. i hadn’t had a good weekend at poker. in fact it was my first losing weekend there. i had been on the phone for about an hour talking to my best friend in the hospital telling her i was sorry i didnt win. i had wanted to win something for her. during the convo i was walking around the edge of the casino floor. i was sitting at a slot machine watching the craps table while i chatted. when the convo ended i took out the remaining cash in my wallet and walked up to that empty craps table. i love playing at empty tables btw. before i rolled sal the dealer asked me if i was there a couple months ago because he had worked at my table. i ended up having a couple laughs with him and the boxman. they were really cool. after i hit my first point he asked me why i wasnt pressing. my answer was pretty much “i’m not sure – cos i still don’t have a solid strategy”. he said, “just take a little back and keep increasing your bets so you’re playing with house money”. the boxman was extremely instrumental in pushing me towards this aggressive line of pressing my bets. i said “ok cool, you drive i roll – just give me back some of it”.

folks, what happened next is really hard to believe. i fucking rolled for over an hour — over 2 shift changes. by the end of my roll i had 2 guys taking pictures of me for their facebook walls and another guy thanking me for his 3k win and the fact he was gonna fly back east first class. i wish i had counted my rolls because from what they were telling me…this doesnt happen that often. it was a special moment indeed. the rapport and trust with the boxman and dealers in particular was incredible. i honestly felt they were rooting for me and well aware they were a part of a magical moment.

4′s on top is how i always started my set. i didnt change a thing. i never placed a bet on the 4 as well. superstition kicks in for sure. all the while i just lined up my dice – kept it cool. calm and methodical. my rolls were a thing of beauty. never hitting a chip and always with a gentle bounce against the back wall. poetry my friends. the guy next to me kept wanting to hi five me and i did oblige here and there but even this invasion of space didnt seem to fuck with my flow. btw, i always set my dice but this time i set them in a way i never have before – it’s my own tweak to the system that’s out there.  i also shot them very differently for come out rolls and point rolls which seemed to produce sevens at the times when u wanted them. regardless, something worked….the combination of my technique and their press bets culminated in a massive win. by the end of the roll i had over 6k in play on the table. i ended up tipping those guys about a grand and i walked with well over 60 times the amount of cash i started with. i made more money in that short while than i have all year in poker….so far that is. i now have the taste of what it’s like to be this guy.  hopefully this will be the first of many legendary ten ton rolls. i can’t wait to get back to vegas.

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November 7th, 2012 by ten ton

intro to cash underground

i have to give credit where credit is due. courtenay texted me today about having a section on my blog about playing underground cash games in los angeles. he even suggested the name im using. thanx man – good idea – noted and implemented. (i have since changed my mind and removed this category – now cash stuff is discussed under “the play” category – im sure ur bummed). i havent been playing much cash over the last few months but this week things seemed to have changed as i have been getting the invites to some tasty games.

as far as cash games go at casinos i had i nice haul this past weekend at commerce after i busted out of an la poker open tournament. i decided to win my money back playing cash. i sat down at a 3-5 table with 200 behind. i ended up getting that up to 1700 but ultimately walking with 1200. i was in a zone…maybe it’s the culmination of studying and playing more hands. either way i felt in control and in command. in retrospect my biggest mistake was playing when i was getting tired. i think i spewed off 400 based on simple concentration mistakes. the biggest one was calling a river bet and being shown a flush when i hadnt even noticed the backdoor flush card on the turn. when i realized this error i immediately got up and split. knowing when im burnt has been a leak in my game that i’m going to quickly shore up.

anyway, it’s going to be a ton of fun playing and talking about these cash games in la. i will probably be going with courtenay to a fair share of them. i hate to say it but i feel like i need to rewatch rounders now.

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September 11th, 2012 by ten ton

poker playlist

i got a reader submitted question the other day which totally made my day. “what music do u listen to when u play?” very good question – most of the time i don’t really listen to anything and just have my iphone buds in my ear. i did happen to listen to more than my usual amount of music this past vegas trip however. it was mostly blonde redhead…a ton of blonde redhead actually. and then a cat power song over and over again and then some boards of canada. i need music that i can zone out to but not distract me. i’m constantly observing everything and sometimes music helps put me in a more focused state. i don’t blast it though…most of the time i keep only one ear bud in with music so i can still hear what’s happening around me. thanks for the question. click on the picture of cat power to hear the song i was playing. genius chorus if u ask me. easily my favorite song of hers.

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August 29th, 2012 by ten ton

texts from the dry cleaner

let me preface this post by saying that i’m not quite sure the dry cleaner wants me posting any of his texts. the dry cleaner is (and hopefully still will be) a good friend of mine who i met at a home game game very early on in my poker career. i dubbed him the dry cleaner (amazing poker moniker btw) because he seems to have a knack for making other people steamy and/or there always seems to be someone in his general vicinity that is steamed, steaming or about to be steamy. i’m convinced he has some sort of secret steamy talent…you know, like a dry cleaner. he doesnt know it yet but i’m creating a legend. periodically i will get random texts/casino updates from him that i hope to share with you all. i hope one day everyone gets steamed by the dry cleaner.

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August 19th, 2012 by ten ton

lucky charms – card protectors

omg i have become the guy with a card protector. i can’t believe i have become that guy. i can’t tell you that i’m not without my odd superstitions though (none of which have anything to do with poker). the only superstition i do have is: if i ever have a bad thought of a car accident while i’m driving i always touch/rub my dashboard 3 times as if to say “that’s my girl… don’t fuck up – let’s not die in a crash”. anyway, my card protector isn’t much of a protector because it’s pretty small and super light weight. on top of that i never really put it on my cards. i just end up throwing it around it and moving it from chip stack to chip stack. it’s tony’s dog tag – looking at it helps focus and center me at times. in another world if i had to pick another card protector i would have to go with this bad boy . haha go vikes!

come to think of it, it’s the stories or symbolism (if any) behind the protectors which is the interesting stuff.

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August 13th, 2012 by ten ton

learning process elaborated

i wanted to elaborate on that last post where i say all i do is listen to podcasts by bart hanson. i’m a serious believer in that if u want to master something you have to live it and breath it as much as u can. when i had to learn songs for an audition i would literally go thru steps/phases of learning but they all involved constant exposure and immersion of my brain into those songs. i would listen to the songs whenever i couldnt actually play them…i would listen at the gym, when i was in the car, when i went to sleep – all the time until they were stuffed into my subconscious. the ultimate goal was to play these songs as if you were playing them your entire life. the final process had to look effortless. that’s why i will listen to hand analysis over and over and over..because i’m starting later in life and thus am already at an experiential disadvantage. i even fall alseep listening to deuce plays. thank god i dont have a girl friend now because im sure that wouldnt go over well.

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August 9th, 2012 by ten ton

poker cruncher app

i’m not a pc guy at all – in more ways than one. that said, i needed something like poker stove in order to help me learn about odds and ranges and all that shit. the poker cruncher app was the best one i found. again – pretty simple and intuitive to use if you play around with it. i thinks it’s most commonly used after someone sucks out on me and i need to clarify that the odds were indeed 1.62% of that happening after the flop.

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August 7th, 2012 by ten ton

lag style as it relates to the english opening in chess

after my chess teacher told me that the english opening was “my opening” i was pysched. i loved learning about this opening and even more so playing it because i played it very aggressively. it’s a hyper-modern opening that’s flexible in that it can transpose into many different lines. cool thing about this opening is that starts with c4 and waits on the king and queen pawn. you will ultimately dominate the center of the board and reek havoc on black fairly quickly if they don’t know what their doing. it’s a fun opening but you really need to have a solid understanding of chess to play this well. how it relates to poker …well again this is sort of esoteric but this opening is sort of how i play tournaments with over 70bb’s. in a way it’s sort of a smart LAGy type style. i’m not sure if anyone can relate to this comparison but maybe there is someone out there. i also think this style is shows up when i’m pretty deep stacked playing cash. i’m a bit looser but ultimately smart enough to make adjustments and batten down the hatches at a moments notice. the picture shows you how after 4 moves in you’ve got killer pressure on d5. awesome opening. here’s a video with an annoying intro to it if you’re interested. i would suggest a great book by grandmaster tony kosten called the dynamic english that teaches you how u to destroy with this opening.

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August 5th, 2012 by ten ton

tag style as it relates to the kings indian defense in chess

while i was running today i was thinking about how to best describe my playing style. i’m not sure anyone has ever related a chess opening to a poker style but i’m about to. my style isnt fixed at all but ebbs and flows – esp as a tournament progresses or i get deeper in a cash game. for the most part if i had to pick a default stye when i first sit down at a table it would be tight aggressive or TAG. in many ways this style reminds me of the KID in chess. the KID was always my go to defense for black. it stressed fortifying first and buckling down – discipline to not get out of line. in many ways you let the play come to you and when it did you were more than ready to slap it back in white’s face. playing black like this was like slowly winding up a coil that you would eventually unleash on white like a ten ton hammer. you were usually so strongly fortified that when you did go on the aggressive you didnt have much to worry about. defensive, reactive, effective and solid. i like the KID. playing TAGy is similar to this in that you have to have discipline and pick your spots but make sure you’re not blindly attacking without being able to adjust. here’s a link to video about KID if you have any interest.

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August 1st, 2012 by ten ton

both hands dealer

i had a 4 hour break from work this afternoon and found myself right around the block from hawaiian gardens. i’m glad i finally got to see this room. i’m still not sure what i think of my adventure in hawaiian gardens, ca. i dont even know if it met my expectations since they were already so low to begin with. i guess that partly has to do with the fact that it’s built in a tent-like structure. i think i wanted to see plants…lots of hanging plants and built in waterfalls. unfortunately the only thing that was hanging were surfboards. lot’s of surfboards. that place should ditch the boards and incorporate tons of plants and koi ponds.

as far as the game went, i ended up nitting it up at a table full of older gentlemen. highlights included my FH getting crushed by quads. sad. there was also an angry awesome armenian who kept wanting to see my hands for some strange reason. all 3 times i raised pre-flop he felt the need to announce “both hands dealer”. needless to say i slapped my winning hands down in his direction every time. i think he liked me. i think he’s a fucking idiot. here’s a nice post about this douchey move 2+2 – some good stuff in there.

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July 31st, 2012 by ten ton

i’m sorry chef ten, but you’ve chopped.

my thoughts on chopping. seriously i could give a fuck. i understand the arguments for and against. in an ideal world i would prefer to play every tournament out to the bitter and brutal end but as we have learned…life isn’t always perfect. as it stands my default setting is democracy rules and i’m up for what the majority of the group wants. i have been the short stack when people have decided to chop as well as not to chop so i can go either way. a caveat to this is that if there happens to be a player that i have come to completely dislike (not that uncommon) that wants to chop and we are at the final table i will definitely cast my vote in the NO basket as my not so subtle form of revenge. also, if it’s HU i always prefer play it out because it’s live situational practice that isnt so easy to come by.

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