September 25th, 2013 by ten ton

hawaiian gardens 100k – out 11th – is ATs a monster?

spur of the moment decision to roll down to hawaiian gardens to play in one of the 5 flights for their 100k event. of course i went deep but it matters very little in the end as i busted 11th out of 180 entrants – 2 away from advancing to day 2 with what would have been a pretty decent stack. i played great and was able to chip up early. this bloated chip stack allowed me to survive 3 straight suck outs by the same “i’m gonna play every single hand” dude who ended up with half my stack after it was said and done. he was like a little mosquito that wouldnt go away. he finally did though because you can only keep getting it in bad for so long.

when it was down to 2 tables i picked up ats in the sb and open shoved for 13bb. there are 2 schools of thoughts on this move. i personally think it was dumb (not sure why i didnt think this through more) and yet another costly mistake when i’ve been down in this “final table” bubble area. i should have kept with what was working for me….pot controlling and i would have most likely found a fold when the guy in the bb with kings re-popped me. yes i could have easily folded there if i raised to 40k and then faced an AI. that would have left me about 10 bigs and an entire orbit to make another move. my buddy frank (who i went down there with) had another line of thinking here though. according to frank “ace ten suited 5 handed blind vs blind is a monster” and that was indeed my move. i can see his point but it was somewhat reckless given that i think i could have easily advanced to day 2 (and not in completely horrible shape) by playing a bit more cautiously. so….there it is – i’ve come up short again but my reads were pretty spot on and my “tough” folds we actually pretty easy. all it took to ruin my day was me veering away from my game plan one time with a move that was too aggressive for the situation considering the position i was in. if it was 10 spots until the final table i dont mind the move as much – in fact i would have easily gotten it in there without a second thought.

silver linings – frank was part of a bad beat jackpot table share – i will write a post about this.

shout out to mike who follows the blog – thanks for support man i mentioned u in the vid.

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September 17th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – bounty quick exit

here are the 4 hands i played in the first 3 levels before i was bounced.

aq vs 9T flop q high 2 suit board. idiot calls me down on every street til his runner runner straight comes in (he was not on any flush draw)

55 multiway flop 335 – get absolutely no action on flopped boat

ak ALL IN vs kk – i flop my king but chop because board reads 2A345 …are u fkn kidding me – it’s tough enough winning with AK but really????

88 ALL IN vs aa and runner runner straight guy. instead of tripling up with my set i lose set over set to the aces. par for the course.

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September 15th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – facebook donkament idiot = me

why do i hold my hand over the flame? i know i’m gonna get burned yet i still do it. i briefly touch on my trip to japan and the comical incident where the people in the gym wouldnt let me in because i have tattoos. here’s a pic of me in a shirt they made me rent after they taped up my arms with gauze. yakuza

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September 14th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – not surviving the survivor

busted in 24th – 9 short of the survivor money which would have equated into a nice new laptop for me. bummer – i was a victim of not wanted to push with any two cards and super big blinds. 7hrs of play with 4 pairs. i was able to tread water most of the day but that’s about it….treading water. almost got out of the blocks fast but failed to keep the momentum up due to flush chasers hitting. ended up eating all u can eat korean food with frank so. cool dude.

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September 13th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – just quads?

somewhat redeemed myself with a decent run in this one. busted in 12th just short of making the final table. with 78K, blinds 3/6k i shoved with KJh but ran into AA and then the guy flopped quads. adding insult to injury i actually hit my flush. went into the day knowing i would do well and i did. it’s all about me – when i’m mentally focused my game flourishes.

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September 10th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – parking lot rant

. i made 2 mistakes and they cost me. busted in the early 30′s. aside from that royal fuck up i was in a great position to make a deep run. i screwed up one hand in particular at a pivotal point when i was just turning the corner in chips. instead, this sent me back down to just below ave and then with four tables left i my brain decided to stop working and i was out like an idiot. i now know what it feels like to get stacked how i stack people. usually my beats people dont see coming at all and they are a bit brutally confusing. i know cos i see it on people’s faces – it’s that look of like “wow – i’m absolutely crushed” like they just saw a ghost. it’s scary.

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September 6th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – more drinks please

first tournament in a long time and i played like it was preseason football (read shitty). it was great to be back though. im sure it will just take another one to get the rust off and back in game shape.

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July 15th, 2013 by ten ton

running bad – a few thoughts

franpokerhandsno i’m not sleeping at the table – i’m actually writing down every single hand i was dealt. why did i do this? to disspell the notion that i was the boy crying wolf all the time about getting dealt shitty cards for the past few months. this year in general has been one horrendous run bad. the sheer lack of premium hands has definitely sucked major ass. on one hand, it’s made me a more skilled player though – case in point making day 2s routinely (in LA) without hands better than TT. another case in point was the hustler tournament won with the best hand of 77. yeah that’s cool an all fran but this is like trying to compete in a marathon wearing flip flops instead of running shoes. wait, i take that back…snowshoes…you know..these kind snowshoes-snocraft-vintage-2

i definitely think my wsop results would have been very different if i was dealt at least my statistical average of premium starting hands. that tiny difference would have made a serious impact. there is only so long you can ration out your chips and make plays with 96s. as far as writing down hands…i have routinely done this during tournaments…sometimes it helps focus but it also keeps things in perspective. for example, in the wsop i was seeing 30 hands per level on average. i can also see what hands i did play – how i did with them and where i made both good and bad plays. i find it very helpful to do this every other tournament. then again, i’m about to book an appointment with an energy healer in hopes of some sort of energy cleanse that will help me attract some decent hands. ya know the chinese say lucky in cards unlucky in love – lucky in love and unlucky in cards. they need one for unlucky in cards and unlucky in love cos that’s the state of affairs over here with snowshoe man.

i know we all know this but it’s worth noting again. the probability of getting pocket aces is 1/221 and the probability of this happening twice in a row is (1/221)2 = 1 in 48,841. also! about 2.5% of the time you can expect AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo – that’s 1/39. so just give me that 1/39 please…all i ask – shit that’s almost one of these 5 hands every level. imagine that….wet dream.

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July 9th, 2013 by ten ton

stars and stripes – day 2 super fast bust out

. it was over before it began. it seemed like everyone at my table was getting aces or kings at the absolute perfect time for them….u know…when ur praying for them because you desperately need a double up. alas my friends i was not dealt aces. blinds went up i got short i shoved i lost rinse repeat etc etc a sad day indeed.

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July 8th, 2013 by ten ton

stars and stripes – i know i dont suck

. at the suggestion of one of my friends and poker pro greg pohler i ended up playing this event and made day 2. steady, calm and solid.

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July 6th, 2013 by ten ton

WSOP Report #4 card dead grinding

video apologies on the echo – i think the volume was off on my ipad when i recorded it so there’s a slight echo…not annoying enough to make u stop watching it though.

this was the deepest i’ve gone i the 4 wsop events that i’ve played in my young poker career. i busted in 500th something place out of 2800 something entrants. made it down to the last level of day one. video has all the details but to sum up – i got off to a really bad start with my flopped set of 7′s losing to a flopped set of aces. even though i lost almost half my chips i think most people would have totally gotten stacked here. as a result of what had happened to me with the aa vs kk early on in my previous wsop event, i had a feeling i could be up against aces and thus played my set cautiously. turns out that what saved me was the line i took on the river which was bet fold. i didnt bet my stack…i led out with a blocking bet and if i got raised my plan was to fold. to my surprise he just called…he had the nuts so im not sure why he didnt shove. fuk…it was aces and i was correct. at least i was still alive even though i was playing catch up for the next few hours. yes…i played solid card dead short stack poker all day – something i think i am becoming very skilled at.

i still havent gotten smashed with the deck in a long time. the only big pair was kings and thru those 10 levels i only made 2 sets, 2 pair once and top pair a couple times. no straights no flushes and no boats. i never had much going for me card-wise. i also ran into aces and survived twice. getting thru these events like this is only going to make me a better player. i’m really forced to figure out ranges and player tendencies because most of the time i didnt have it. in fact i hardly ever had it and when i have had it there’s an even more monster hand ahead of me. in the end i had to ship it with a8 suited and got called by a9. yeah i hate shipping with hands like that but i honestly thought my 11bb stack had some fold equity. it almost got thru. so…to sum up – very bummed and a bit frustrated. i dont think ive wanted something this bad in many many years. it’s gonna happen – i just know it.

another note about video – filmed at the gold coast. my ride sort of ditched me so i ended up staying with another friend of mine. interesting place to say the least. in some ways it was almost better than the rio….i’m still not sure what i think of that place…i need to hotel blog soon. i keep saying i will but i dont.

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July 5th, 2013 by ten ton

Venetian Deepstack III massive french tilt

im not proud of this video at all but on one hand it’s got to be one of my better (read “more comical”) ones just because i was so irritated. i was literally still on tilt by the time i got back to my hotel. i was even discussing correct pot odds with the cab driver. oh man, sometimes it has everything to do with the person u lose a hand to.

so…i fired 2 bullets at the venetian tonight. in the first one i lost full house over full house. i had 99 on a A9662 board. my opponent mr quiet older asian man had AA. obviously this was a cooler of course but the guy wasnt a douche so a genuine “great hand” was due. on the other hand….when i busted out on my second bullet to the french douche on my right it was a completely different story. u can watch the video for details but there were so many things that frustrated me…specifically – losing to this particularly guy. of course he made a questionable call for the wrong reasons and got rewarded (nothing new here) but there was just something about him that bugged the fuck out of me. he was annoying me with his play (which was completely see thru) and when i did get him to commit his stack for the wrong reasons he ended up getting lucky with a 3 outer on the river. again…nothing new here. what’s new is that it took me much longer to get the frustration out of my system than the usual normal bust out.

honestly – these videos really do help me AND they really help you – “you” meaning all of my friends. it keeps everyone from having to hear bad beat stories which no one really wants to hear. no one really cares about anyone’s bad beat but at least these video truly help me get it out of my system. it really is therapy. some people are good at handling beats. i think im pretty good – especially at the table but i have to admit i need to talk about it. i think it’s better that i talk to my ipad instead of someone else. my ipad cares more. plus…if someone asks me “how’d u do?” i can always just say “watch the video”. taking that one step further…if they do watch the video they can shut me up (unlike in real life) at the press of a button. maybe i need to get laid. that might help with some of my inner angst.

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July 4th, 2013 by ten ton

WSOP Report #3 aces over kings early

wsop_49athere’s a great story behind this picture. it was LITERALLY taken the hand right after my kings lost to aces. sort of makes it an instant classic. i’m holding the few hundred chips i have left. i ask u – does that look like a guy who was just devastated? i guess it sort of does…i was a bit shell shocked for a minute. SOOOOO…can i fold kings on the button preflop in the second level of a wsop tournament? theoretically the answer is yes buuuuut of course i didnt. i’m sure if it was the main event i would have found a fold buuuuuut it wasnt and instead i found my self on life support early. i even told myself…”ok im only gonna play big hands early today”. (technically – i guess i did follow that rule).

the event was #49 – $1500. ultimately, i out leveled myself in this hand. the video below tells the in depth story but basically i thought my 4bet would look like a blatant squeeze play and that my kings would be really under rep’ed. all this shit goes out the door though when the other guy has aces cos he isnt even thinking about much else because he has the best fucking hand in poker. i mean it was up to me to fold the kings to his 5bet shove. what would u do? he shoved and i had him covered (not by much but i did have him covered). i think u can make an argument for calling and folding. most people i’ve talked to have said u have to get it in there but i honestly think i could have found a fold. i should have found a fold because deep down i was hoping he didnt have what he obviously seemed to have. i ended up busting a few hands later with Jacks. geez, it was really a bummer going out like this (so early in a tournament). uggghhh, i honestly feel like i belong there — “there” meaning – at the wsop kicking ass in these kind of events.

btw, the pic im using was taken by one of the official wsop photographers. they take pics of all the players and then charge you $50 if you want to buy it without the watermark. i might just do it because i’m so long overdue for a “official” looking photo.

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July 1st, 2013 by ten ton

WSOP report #2 – bled to death in the daily

this was a last minute change of plans. i had originally planned on playing a binion’s event but felt like taking a shot at the daily because i knew there would be a pretty big payday at the end of the rainbow. i think first place was 45k and that qualifies as a good payday for a 235 buy in. there were about 1200 entrants and unfortunately, i busted in the 160′s. what made this particularly frustrating was the perfect storm of mid (plus) stack shoves, high blind increases and an absolutely horrid run of hole cards. i mean this was the drought of droughts that slowly starved all the life from me. i went for over 3 breaks including dinner with barely playing a hand. i think i actually played 3 up until when i had to start shoving. it was like my hands were tied and someone kept punching me in the face.

i’m really bummed about this cos i had a nice 70k stack at one point. that stack was the perfect size to use to start picking off of the inevitable short stack shoves that were about to happen. again, i say perfect but only perfect IF i had some good/decent hands to call with. ugh – so frustrating. i was mentally on point all day and knew i had a chance to go deep if i ran well after my table change. ya know people….u need to fuking run well. it really helps. like getting aces 3x within the span of 5 hands. i actually dealt those aces to a guy in a home game a few weeks ago. perfect time – i also dealt him ak. amazing rush of cards that took this guy from short stack at a final table to chip leader…that fast. imagine getting a rush like that in a big tournament when everyone starts to shove? oh momma…that’s how tournaments can be won.

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June 20th, 2013 by ten ton

wynn summer classic – bleh and ick

qq vs aj all in. look at this run out (i have qq btw)…basically a jackpot hand featuring me as the big loser. flop is aaj giving him a boat. the turn is another ace improving him to quads. the river brings a queen almost as a “fuck you” as im walking out of the poker room. as usual the video sums it up. i played ok but got caught up with ak one too many times. i really need to make a point of just shutting it down with ak when i completely miss. it’s almost like i regressed a bit as of late – maybe i just dont want to fold big hands…like a set that i refused to lay down with a flush on the board. again, it’s my ego getting in the way and me just wanting to force a hand that i know i should just toss away. i will take my game back into the lab and get my engine fine tuned for the next vegas run. im not worried….we all have off days. one of the biggest strengths of my game is hand reading – just so happens that i’m completely ignoring what i’m reading. again…i think this is easily corrected as this is a game that has more to do with the battle within urself than the battle with other players. not being at war within urself makes ur play effortless. i need to let the cards flow thru me more and not get attached to them. as most of my ex gf’s can attest — im definitely not one for getting attached so im not sure why im having attachments issues now.

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June 19th, 2013 by ten ton

wynn summer classic – dragon egg

this video pretty much sums up my epic day of poker with absolutely nothing to show for it. i played both the wynn and venetian… in both, i had some pretty monstrous hands that ended up getting beat by even more monstrous hands. things started going wrong when i flopped a set of jacks at the wynn and couldnt get the guy drawing to the nut flush off of his hand. ughhh so frustrating when you know exactly what your up against while it’s happening yet you cant do anything about it. especially when the flush comes in. it’s like watching a tsunami roll toward you while you’re standing on the beach — not much u can do except wait for it and then try to survive. of course i paid him off even though every bone in my body was telling me i was beat. moments like this make you want to punch urself over and over and over. it was yet another reminder i really do know when im beat and more importantly that i need to listen to and trust my poker sense instead of letting ego and fantasy (thinking i have such a great hand and deserve to win with it) get in the way – i’m normally good at this. suffice to say i want to forget today. i’m soooo much better than this.

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June 15th, 2013 by ten ton

Venetian Deepstack III Final Table Party

this was my 3rd cash in a row. three in a row is definitely not shitty. it’s also the 2nd tournament that i wasnt planning on playing. i was actually planning on playing aria as a warm up for the wynn classic but since the venetian was right next door we decided to walk over and jump in the 7pm tournament. turns out, this was a smart change of plan – sometimes it’s the unexpected stuff that works out best.

fran_court_venetianadding goodness on top of this already good story was the fact that courtenay also my the final table with me! this was the first time we both made a final table together. pretty awesome – he finished 6th and i finished 8th. the same angle-shooter douche bag from san antonio busted us both out. it’s amazing how some people fail upwards. i’ve seen it my entire life in the music business (specifically talking about a&r people and executives here). seriously bummed i didnt place higher and in retrospect i think that guy’s call of my all in pre with 4′s was kinda risky. i had A5 hearts and honestly didnt think he would call for his tournament life without something super solid as i mistakenly thought he was super tight. oh well – i knew that if i did get looked up i had 2 overs, flush possibilities and straight possibilities. alas, nothing came in and i was bounced pretty unceremoniously. it’s easy to say i should’ve waited but i just had to get by 2 players to win the blinds and antes. hmmm… the same guy busted courtenay out with a gross runner runner flush to his trip tens. it’s not all skill folks.

anyway, this was a great start to a trip. we cruised out to vegas in a few hours – checked into encore and even had time for a quick drink in the sun by the pool. i need to right my own yelp review for encore…i love that place. ended up finally going to bed at 5am. not ideal when u have a big tournament the next day but always a good problem when u’ve made a final table. video sums it up…i was pretty tired when i made it.

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June 7th, 2013 by ten ton

first place at the hustler weekly

incredibly long day yesterday. it started with a video shoot for the band im in. i’m sure i will blog about breaking arrows soon but suffice to say it’s got some good guys and is sort of a super group. pictured below are daita ito and brendan buckley. the video was more or less inspired by U2′s streets have no name – coincidentally also shot in downtown la. breaking arrowsi finally got home a little after 7 when courtenay called to tell me to meet him at hustler cos there was a 5k guarantee with a small field. turns out he was right about the small field but it was only 3k. so i entered late and ultimately won the thing. it was pretty satisfying. my big hands pre flop were 77, 66, 22. 7′s folded on the flop, 6′s before the flop and my 2′s turned into a set on the turn that i did end up getting some value for. other than that i river’d 2 pair only to not paid off and on the last hand i rivered a flush but i already had the hand won by virtue of high card vs bluff. given that i didnt run amazing it was even more thirst quenching. my meta game and overall strategic game play was what i thought really shined. after playing the wsop tournaments there is an even more relaxed and patient state of mind that helps with a fluid game. you can’t really see it from the picture below but when we started heads up play i was out chipped 3 to 1. the guy that finished second (don) was super cool – it’s always nice to play with nice people like that. huster casino

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June 4th, 2013 by ten ton

venetian deepstack III cashing with courtenay


courtenay and i both played in the same 2 deepstack events at the venetian – he cashed in the first one and i cashed in the second one. talk about teamwork. the story goes like this: on friday we decided to take a shot at the $300 black chip bounty tournament. courtenay had a weird premonition on the way over there saying he was starving and that the last time he was starving like this he won some tournament. looks like the kid should set up shop as a pyschic on fairfax cos he was indeed correct sir. courtenay pretty much defined “running good” in this tournament. he was picking up big hands and made 2 insanely crazy hands that essentially locked up second place. it was awesome to see. although he ended up chopping i definitely thought he could have taken it down..but it was late and, as u know, anything can happen heads up. a deal was made that was beyond fair. i, on the other hand, busted after 4 hours but stayed there at least another 6 hours to support because that’s what we always do – plus it’s fun cheering ur friend on…besides, as u can tell from the pic, the palazzo was a pretty sweet place to be playing. the tournament room was set up in a mexican restaurant. i’m not sure if they’re just doing it for the deepstack this month or if that’s a permanent poker room. i hope so cos it’s muy bien. i had a great time hanging on the rail and hopefully offered up some key strategic advice at what i thought were critical stages of the tournament. gotta give credit where credit is due though…courtenay played great and i’m really happy for him. always nice to see one of ur friends do well rather than some other idiot. plus i ended up taking his new facebook photo. yup….looking like a pro.

the next day was a marathon day of poker for me – 14 hours between the wsop tournament and this $200 one. unfortunately i came up short and bubbled the final table to take 10th — such a drag and so bummed about this one. i played some good poker though – i never doubled up during this tournament – it was just a steady workman-like grind. the guy that busted me out (flopped quad aces) had aces 4 times during the few hours while he was at my table…4 times in a few hours?! overall, i played well but all it takes is one misstep to screw a tournament up. on my last hand it is quite possible that i did indeed let my ego get in the way — i shoved over that guy’s raise with a marginal hand (J8s) – it was a point where i felt i needed to take a stand though. i like my big blind…esp late in tournaments and this guy was really pushing his luck. i mean, i cant blame him for getting slapped in the face with the deck. my timing was off and just like that (snap fingers) i was out – dazed and confused. i really should have stepped back and tightened up to make final table. then i could have reevaluated and taken it from there. i rarely let my ego get out of control (sometimes maybe ummmm ok i have my moments) and this was a time where i needed to sit back and survey what was at hand. there were 140 people that started and it was now down to 10. lesson learned. stepping back after the bubble burst is what i needed to do. cashing definitely wasnt enough for me….i wanted the win and i easily could have had it. bittersweet symphony.

ironically i didnt make a video for this…i always miss the happy moments. we ended up rolling some dice and then decided to drive home at 6am. a mammoth day of poker in the books. can’t wait to do it all again.

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June 4th, 2013 by ten ton

WSOP 2013 – report #1 – virgin suicide

shyza….not exactly the post i wanted to be writing but every now and then a virgin must die. there are very few things in life that i havent tried once…up until this week shooting heroin, gay sex and playing in the wsop were still on the untried list. well, at least i can cross off the wsop although im sure many a weekend in this town has had a few people crossing off the first two items listed. ok, on to the carnage.

on thursday i played the wsop for the very first time – it was a 1k event. i was pretty nervous to start but after a little while i was good to go. at this level (which is big for me) there seemed to be a healthy dose of “technically” horrible players. there were over 3k people in that event so obviously u have to wade through a sea of shit before u can make it to the promised land. i ended up busting out with jacks again. the third time in a row jacks have fucked me hard. in the card player event i had jacks twice (losing 2 big pots) and now to complete the trifecta i lost to qj thus busting my cherry. it is what it is – u need to win races period. period. period.

on saturday i played the millionare maker which had a ton of fkn people. started off pretty well and slowly chipped up to 7k but then things went horrible when i overplayed my 8′s in the sb and folded like a big pussy to a big raise on the turn. board was 652 rainbow. i either had a the winning hand or was just completely crushed. i just couldnt find my balls and folded – somehow i was beat by a bigger overpair/set but part of me still thinks he was just mad that i raised his blind. hmmmm. the other hand i got caught up in was a hand i just played wrong. yes i do make mistakes. i turned a king with ak on a 8TJ board. i made the mistake of trying to be tricky and checked the turn but when a 9 hit the river and i got reraised all in i figured i was dead. this hand really hurt my stack. i was then moved and was finished off when my flopped top pair with aq was crushed by a flopped set. it was a miserable way to go but at least i got to experience that sick walk out of the convention center back up to my room. walk of shame.

btw – stayed at the rio which was, surprisingly, not as horrible as i thought. i still need to write a post about vegas hotels which of course i have many opinions on. i’m going back next week more focused and more determined.

8cs – thanks

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