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October 17th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings week 7 pre game thoughts

seriously…the vikings are going to start josh freeman this coming monday night against the giants. hahaha what does that say about the offense that he can learn it in a week and get the start. i would rather have jeff george back there – and no – im not kidding. not only would that be pure entertainment but at least the poor saps up in minnesota (that are being fleeced for tickets) will get some sort of value for their “entertainment” dollar. vikings are totally bumming me out. please fire the coordinators soon.

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September 30th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 4 suck (not so much)

mattcasselthe vikings didnt suk this week due in large part to matt cassel not turning the ball over and making decisive reads and throws downfeild. can you believe it took 4 weeks for the vikings to finally score a touchdown via a throw to a wide receiver. seriously – are you kidding me. if cassel means throwing passes longer than 5 yards to our wr’s rather than just our tight ends then god bless the man. peterson must be so happy to finally have a qb that actually requires the opposing defenses to account for deep passes and not stack the box. this is huge. not since farve have vikings fans seen this. it’s beyond imagination how it took this long and why the coaches felt this weird loyalty to keeping a qb in there who couldnt or wouldnt throw the ball down the field on a consistent basis. the offense finally looked like a BASIC nfl offense. basic is the key here….as viking fans have been beaten into submission into accepting this crappy vanilla style offense. it’s really insulting on so many levels and the fans have always been correct. ponder is indeed at best a good back up and not the starter. why did these boneheads in the front office not see this….lemme know im still scratching my head.

so yeah the vikes get their first win beating the steelers but please note….it was the steelers and the steelers actually suck dick more than the vikes. the vikings defense also allowed a ton of yards again AND gave up a ton of points to pittsburgh’s not so great offense. i’m just saying….the qb was only half our problem. addressing the equally putrid defensive play cant be overlooked. once again there was a 4th quarter drive that technically could have ended with the vikings losing. how sad. until this gets fixed these posts will always have “suck” in them. anyway, thanks cassel you deserve credit and lots of high fives from the wide outs. my video kinda sucks too btw….

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September 27th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 3 suck

**NOTE – post is late due to ipad video issues. got it worked it out 5 days later with an ingenious work around. i’m pretty sure it wont play on a mobile device and the quality is worse…but it’s up there.

blair-walsh-project_awesome – 0-3. so far the season is perfect. this video is pretty much just more of the same bitching. right now the only regular “starter” on the team that has played great and hasnt fuked anything up is blair walsh. that’s it – just him. save the team money and just fly him to london to play the steelers next week. fire the entire coaching staff except special teams…for now. then again after a fake field goal for a touchdown and a fake punt for a long 1st down run….really? that’s anything but special teams.

i’m actually beginning to like reading the daily norseman a bit more these days. a couple of their guys are kinda funny. this guy sounds almost like the parrot i have in my apartment. at first i wasnt a fan of their site (more to do with functionality) but these guys are growing on me. at least they tell it like it is – from a fan’s perspective that expects something in return for their loyalty. they arent the fans that just accept shitty play and can forgive them for it. we would all get fired from our jobs that pay a fraction of what these guys make for the same shitty performance. there’s no time to bs – almost every single viking player and coach should be looking in the mirror saying “i know i’m playing shitty” hopefully they arent following that statement up with “but who cares i’m rich”.

fans deserve more and if you’re one of those fans that takes the kid gloves approach with these guys i feel sorry for you. try going in to work and not doing anything for a week. hopefully your boss will tell you it’s ok and give you a raise. fuk…you might even get promoted (the viking way) – at the very least keep your job for the entire year at a high salary and then maybe get canned when your idiot boss loses his job for having a bunch of non performers “work” for him.

* foto credit for the blair walsh movie poster – i dont know who did that but i love it and will give you credit for it if you lemme know.

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September 17th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 2 suck

i-dont-always-watch-suck-ass-teams-but-when-i-do-i-watch-the-minnesota-vikings-thumbsorry about the scratchy noise in the video – totally not pro and totally my fault. again, what’s new the vikings sucked it up. instead of pulling out a rare road win not to mention a road win in chicago we fuked it up as usual. just like the lions did last week, chicago looked like they were trying to hand us the win but the vikings couldnt or wouldnt accept the gift. I NEED TO CORRECT SOMETHING I SAID IN THE VIDEO. i said the defense played well but i’ve become so numb to a shitty defense that when they actually play average i think it’s really good. truth be told they have allowed over 800 yards and 60 points in 2 games. is that good? um no.

anyway – here’s a link to check out. one of the best vikings forums around. purple thoughts. i’ve been lurking on here for over 10 years – hardly ever post cos when i do i just end up arguing with some poster who has been posting there a billion times a day. that said it’s real and awesome and these are the hardcore vikings fans – cursed like the red sox used to be but worse. that’s the mentality of a vikings fan.

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September 9th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings coaching decision tree

here’s a link to what i thought was a really great article from a viking blog called the daily norseman. the picture of the vikings coaching decision tree is absolutely AHMAZZZZING!!!! yes these things make me laugh.


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September 8th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 1 suck

this video was a result of some weird combination of boredom, loneliness, depression and frustration. i don’t claim to be an expert about the vikes but i know enough to hold my own against any super fan, beat writer but maybe not a team analyst. suffice to say here are my thoughts off the top of my head about the debacle vs the lions… and obviously i hate watching the vikings lose – something they have done my entire fucking life. it’s got 2 parts. i’m sorry i cant help myself.

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July 2nd, 2013 by ten ton

odds on vikings winning the super bowl

vikingsoddslooks like i was in vegas when there was a huge influx of viking fans. for some reason every site i google lists the vikings as 40 to 1 and some at 50 to 1 yet when i placed a bet they were 30 to 1. wtf? seriously…was caesars full of viking fans that day? oh well. honestly, on paper the vikings have a good team. their offense should be better and their defense even better with their draft. obviously it all rests with ponder. either that guy delivers or at least manages the game well enough and i think they should be able to win the nfc north. call me crazy but that’s what i think. their corners are better and my sleeper pick for offensive rookie of the year is cordarrelle patterson. yup – that guy is scary – if they can figure out how to get touches he will light it up in the open field. it’s all about ponder though…that guy has to come thru or else it’s matt cassel – maybe he can do it. i don’t care who the qb is…as long as they can complete some fuking deep passes….is that too much to ask? a qb that can throw 20+ yard passes????

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May 17th, 2013 by ten ton

best stadium in the NFL..I think so


the vikings are about to build the best stadium in the nfl!!! check out this fly through video and read some of the facts posted below. this is gonna be sooo awesome – how can you not book the super bowl here???? this along with the new uniforms are making the vikes organization pretty damn cool.

-Approximately 1.6 million square feet.
-Capability to host more events than any other large stadium in the world, including NFL football and a Super Bowl, MLS soccer, NCAA basketball and baseball, high school sporting events, motocross, concerts, conventions, marching band competitions.
-Lightest and most efficient roof structure in the nation for a major new stadium, which will include a single large steel super truss providing primary support for the main long span roof.
-Largest clear ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) roof in the world and the first on a stadium in the nation, allowing connection to the outdoors from a climate-controlled environment.
-Largest glass pivoting doors in the world that will open to the west plaza.
-65,000 seats, including some of the closest in the NFL; expandable to 73,000 for a Super Bowl.
-Up to 125 suites and 7,500 club seats, including suites and clubs at the field level, some of which will put fans closer to the sideline than in any other NFL stadium.
Seven levels, including two general admission concourses with 360-degree circulation and various views into the bowl.
-Highest quality HD video boards in the NFL located in both the east and west end zones and video ribbon boards throughout the interior of the seating bowl.
-Over 1,200 HD flat screen televisions throughout the concourse for all fans in attendance to view the game.
-Access points to the city and stadium site from all four sides of the stadium.
-Large west plaza (over two acres in size) for game day, non-game day and seasonal public gatherings as a connection to the downtown corridor.


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March 13th, 2013 by ten ton

good stuff i ingest

supsthat’s my little kitchen table with a bunch of stuff that i’m currently ingesting…sans siamese fighting fish. let me take you on a stroll thru these yummy supplements. my most trusty one is the glutamine. pretty fascinating stuff – in high doses it’s given to burn patients and cancer patients. one of the few amino acids that can cross the blood brain barrier. it’s awesome for recovery. i take it quite a bit – it’s tasteless white powder that dissolves with water in ur mouth. ez stuff. my new fav on the block (thanks to courtenay for the introduction) is z plex which is basically zinc, magnesium and b6. i’ve been taking this before bed and it’s been putting me into an amazing dream state. i have been sleeping deeper and always vividly dreaming. i cant tell you how much fun this is. plus it’s doing what it claims to do…aids in muscle recovery. i’m a lot less sore from my workouts the next day when i wake up. the big thing up there is ur basic protein shake stuff. i dont make shakes i just put it in water, shake and drink. again – ez. the little guy up top is some b12 u dissolve under ur tongue. sometimes i take 10 at a time in efforts to mimick a b12 shot. i love b12 shots but these little pills suck in comparison to the real deal. the mason jar on the left is filled with organic honey (sent to me by my good friend rob bass) all the way from virginia. rob is a bee farmer. i never was a honey person but this shit is amazing. i put it in my chamomile tea. so tasty. u know that honey will never spoil? there’s also some super ant pills. yup – that’s right, crushed up mountain ant from china. i’m out of these pills but i love them. these are again..loaded with zinc and good for athletes, strength and sex stuff. i’m a believer in the super ant for sure. these are just some of the things i ingest…there are many more. i take a great omega 3 that i usually pop before tournaments to keep my brain lubed up but im out now. don’t cheap out on ur supplements people. sometimes good ingredients are worth it….especially in the omega 3 department.

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March 7th, 2013 by ten ton

blogging depression and some other blogs

how can i call myself a blogger if my blogging randomly stops for a few weeks at a time? truth be told it’s usually due to a bit of depression mixed in with a general malaise towards society. yup, that pretty much sums up the usual reason why i stop blogging. recently i’ve tried taking high doses of vitamin b in efforts to feel a bit more “up” but that hasnt really helped. not too much gets me going these days – it’s been free based down to great structured tournaments and cute women. that’s it. is that bad? i guess it could be worse and only be women. besides playing in tournaments that i can’t really afford to play in nothing is really stimulating me on all levels like it should. maybe i need to move. i wouldnt mind that but i’ve been pretty much everywhere in the us to know that this part of the country is the best fit for me. hmmmm i wouldnt mind splitting time between vegas and here. at least in vegas u can be lonely while surrounded by tons of other people usually having a great time. maybe their good time would rub off on me.

speaking of stimulation and rubbing off on me – i went to a coffee shop tonight in order to get into writing mode. instead i got into “reading someone else’s blog” mode. i discovered this blog completely by random in a weird moment of facebook diving. it’s nice getting motivated after reading someone’s blog. this blog was about this girl’s life in hollywood…that’s what it was about. simple, open and honest – like a gordon ramsay restaurant makeover. her name is luci i can relate to her on a few levels particularly her tenacity, gemini references (im a gemini and also a twin giving me the zodiac trump card though) and sheer blog density/robustness. this chick needs to promote her blog because she doesnt know how good it is. it seems like she is destined for big things. i drank 2 double iced espressos and still didnt finish it. anyway, job well done – it motivated me to get back to what i have been flaking on. it also reminded me of when i blogged on blogger which i now see has turned into blogspot. i’m gonna start mentioning other people’s blogs that i like. i came across a girl’s fashion blog last month that i did some ad work with and her blog was quite impressive as far as honest fashion blogs go. her name is madeline and she makes good videos. good blogs are the genuine ones and the ones that prove the test of time. it’s tough getting people to read ur blog….i used to have lots of blog readers but that stuff correlates to ur “fame”. for now it’s just dad and a few randoms. hi dad sorry i havent called u back. i’m sure after i win a major tournament this blog will get some serious traffic. until then though….

anyway, i watched all the bust out videos that i made and i must say, i find them horrifically beautiful in their raw and unrehearsedness (that word sense to me although i dont think it’s a word). the vids are really fuckin stupid on one level but they’re as honest as can be and that “real time processing” is good. doing it to video is however, either genius or moronic. probably the later but who knows, i think i’m the only poker player doing something like that. ironically, i never make videos when i win. all the cashes — at the bike during the circuit event, at the lapc, and even home games – courtenay was there for a bunch and we should have just made a video because it was a fucking celebration bitches. i’m gonna have to start doing this because that stuff is priceless and definitely a lot more fun to relive than me trying to untangle my brain after losing. ok, new marching orders…bring ipad to every tournament and make sure to record the “good times”. i guess this sort of makes sense though… when i was in my first band signed to island i had 2 press kits – one that was full of great reviews and one that only had bad/negative reviews. the neg one was more interesting to me than hearing all the good shit i already knew. hmmm go figure – old patterns. plus….i dont believe u get better hearing people tell u all the good stuff u already know. it’s sifting thru the bad stuff where u find areas to improve upon.

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December 31st, 2012 by ten ton

vikings 37 – pukers 34 = awesome

stomping-the-packersthere are very few things in life that please me more than watching the green bay packers lose to the minnesota vikings – especially when biased joe buck is the announcer. the vikings have over achieved this season largely due to the amazing play of adrian peterson. this guy is a rare athlete in the modern era. rare in that not only is he the best running back the nfl has seen in decades, but he is completely humble and team oriented given his amazing talent. he’s the antithesis of the majority of today’s “me first” athletes. it’s so great watching him roll up over 400 yards in 2 games against the packers. if you’re a viking fan there’s not a team worth running over more. here’s the highlights

being a viking fan is like getting to a final table and always losing. they’ve never won the super bowl yet have been there 4 times. they find bizarre ways to lose games and somehow manage to squander amazing seasons. the 70′s vikings led by fran tarkenton were arguably one of the most dominant teams in the league yet lost the super bowl multiple times. the vikings also blew 2 nfc championships in mind numbing fashion to the falcons in 98 and to the cheap shot bounty game fixing saints in 2010.

this year they have already over achieved and beating the packers today would be a fine way to end to the season if they don’t advance next week. they are one of the youngest teams in the league and are just a few key players away from becoming a powerhouse. with a legit wr and more secondary help the vikes should be able to consistently eclipse the packers and bears atop the nfc north for years to come.

here’s a great clip of the last time i’ve felt this good. plus it exemplifies how fucking annoying joe buck is and how great randy moss was.

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October 2nd, 2012 by ten ton

why the replacement refs were awesome

the packer-seahawk game along with all the whiney football fans venting on facebook was truly a joy to see. but seriously folks, where have ya’ll been? a blown call. big freakin deal – they’re a dime a dozen and every one of them can be argued contributes to the game’s end result. please watch this video from the :45 mark and then rethink your “the packers got screwed” mantra. watch the espn experts document and highlight multiple blown calls by “official” refs in the 2010 nfc championship game between the vikings and the saints. i repeat, the nfc championship game…not the third game of the regular season. the winner of this game goes where kids? so, why was it only the viking fans crying foul on what i think was one of the biggest fleece jobs in sports history. not one, not two, not three, but multiple easily and clearly viewed blown calls and non calls were either not overturned or allowed to stand. this should turn the stomach of any and all of u whiners pining for the real officials to get back to work so we can have our perfect nfl back. that in that game, it can be argued that the officials did everything they could to at least put the saints in a position to win. again, watch this video from the 45 second mark. multiple egregious errors in a huge game? conspiracy to continue the saints feel good katrina story all the way to the super bowl? u tell me. so gross. welcome the unfair world of sports – it’s been happening forever – go talk to the nba refs.

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