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October 17th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings week 7 pre game thoughts

seriously…the vikings are going to start josh freeman this coming monday night against the giants. hahaha what does that say about the offense that he can learn it in a week and get the start. i would rather have jeff george back there – and no – im not kidding. not only would that be pure entertainment but at least the poor saps up in minnesota (that are being fleeced for tickets) will get some sort of value for their “entertainment” dollar. vikings are totally bumming me out. please fire the coordinators soon.

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October 15th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 6 suck

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings it’s not week 5 suck cos week 5 was their bye week. they obviously decided to practice sucking even harder during their bye week. it definitely worked. awesome – practice sucking ass and come game day you will do it really well. nothing at all to say – got absolutely embarrassed by the shitty panthers…really??? season just about over. fire the coaching staff first.

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September 30th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 4 suck (not so much)

mattcasselthe vikings didnt suk this week due in large part to matt cassel not turning the ball over and making decisive reads and throws downfeild. can you believe it took 4 weeks for the vikings to finally score a touchdown via a throw to a wide receiver. seriously – are you kidding me. if cassel means throwing passes longer than 5 yards to our wr’s rather than just our tight ends then god bless the man. peterson must be so happy to finally have a qb that actually requires the opposing defenses to account for deep passes and not stack the box. this is huge. not since farve have vikings fans seen this. it’s beyond imagination how it took this long and why the coaches felt this weird loyalty to keeping a qb in there who couldnt or wouldnt throw the ball down the field on a consistent basis. the offense finally looked like a BASIC nfl offense. basic is the key here….as viking fans have been beaten into submission into accepting this crappy vanilla style offense. it’s really insulting on so many levels and the fans have always been correct. ponder is indeed at best a good back up and not the starter. why did these boneheads in the front office not see this….lemme know im still scratching my head.

so yeah the vikes get their first win beating the steelers but please note….it was the steelers and the steelers actually suck dick more than the vikes. the vikings defense also allowed a ton of yards again AND gave up a ton of points to pittsburgh’s not so great offense. i’m just saying….the qb was only half our problem. addressing the equally putrid defensive play cant be overlooked. once again there was a 4th quarter drive that technically could have ended with the vikings losing. how sad. until this gets fixed these posts will always have “suck” in them. anyway, thanks cassel you deserve credit and lots of high fives from the wide outs. my video kinda sucks too btw….

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September 27th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 3 suck

**NOTE – post is late due to ipad video issues. got it worked it out 5 days later with an ingenious work around. i’m pretty sure it wont play on a mobile device and the quality is worse…but it’s up there.

blair-walsh-project_awesome – 0-3. so far the season is perfect. this video is pretty much just more of the same bitching. right now the only regular “starter” on the team that has played great and hasnt fuked anything up is blair walsh. that’s it – just him. save the team money and just fly him to london to play the steelers next week. fire the entire coaching staff except special teams…for now. then again after a fake field goal for a touchdown and a fake punt for a long 1st down run….really? that’s anything but special teams.

i’m actually beginning to like reading the daily norseman a bit more these days. a couple of their guys are kinda funny. this guy sounds almost like the parrot i have in my apartment. at first i wasnt a fan of their site (more to do with functionality) but these guys are growing on me. at least they tell it like it is – from a fan’s perspective that expects something in return for their loyalty. they arent the fans that just accept shitty play and can forgive them for it. we would all get fired from our jobs that pay a fraction of what these guys make for the same shitty performance. there’s no time to bs – almost every single viking player and coach should be looking in the mirror saying “i know i’m playing shitty” hopefully they arent following that statement up with “but who cares i’m rich”.

fans deserve more and if you’re one of those fans that takes the kid gloves approach with these guys i feel sorry for you. try going in to work and not doing anything for a week. hopefully your boss will tell you it’s ok and give you a raise. fuk…you might even get promoted (the viking way) – at the very least keep your job for the entire year at a high salary and then maybe get canned when your idiot boss loses his job for having a bunch of non performers “work” for him.

* foto credit for the blair walsh movie poster – i dont know who did that but i love it and will give you credit for it if you lemme know.

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September 25th, 2013 by ten ton

hawaiian gardens 100k – out 11th – is ATs a monster?

spur of the moment decision to roll down to hawaiian gardens to play in one of the 5 flights for their 100k event. of course i went deep but it matters very little in the end as i busted 11th out of 180 entrants – 2 away from advancing to day 2 with what would have been a pretty decent stack. i played great and was able to chip up early. this bloated chip stack allowed me to survive 3 straight suck outs by the same “i’m gonna play every single hand” dude who ended up with half my stack after it was said and done. he was like a little mosquito that wouldnt go away. he finally did though because you can only keep getting it in bad for so long.

when it was down to 2 tables i picked up ats in the sb and open shoved for 13bb. there are 2 schools of thoughts on this move. i personally think it was dumb (not sure why i didnt think this through more) and yet another costly mistake when i’ve been down in this “final table” bubble area. i should have kept with what was working for me….pot controlling and i would have most likely found a fold when the guy in the bb with kings re-popped me. yes i could have easily folded there if i raised to 40k and then faced an AI. that would have left me about 10 bigs and an entire orbit to make another move. my buddy frank (who i went down there with) had another line of thinking here though. according to frank “ace ten suited 5 handed blind vs blind is a monster” and that was indeed my move. i can see his point but it was somewhat reckless given that i think i could have easily advanced to day 2 (and not in completely horrible shape) by playing a bit more cautiously. so….there it is – i’ve come up short again but my reads were pretty spot on and my “tough” folds we actually pretty easy. all it took to ruin my day was me veering away from my game plan one time with a move that was too aggressive for the situation considering the position i was in. if it was 10 spots until the final table i dont mind the move as much – in fact i would have easily gotten it in there without a second thought.

silver linings – frank was part of a bad beat jackpot table share – i will write a post about this.

shout out to mike who follows the blog – thanks for support man i mentioned u in the vid.

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September 17th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – bounty quick exit

here are the 4 hands i played in the first 3 levels before i was bounced.

aq vs 9T flop q high 2 suit board. idiot calls me down on every street til his runner runner straight comes in (he was not on any flush draw)

55 multiway flop 335 – get absolutely no action on flopped boat

ak ALL IN vs kk – i flop my king but chop because board reads 2A345 …are u fkn kidding me – it’s tough enough winning with AK but really????

88 ALL IN vs aa and runner runner straight guy. instead of tripling up with my set i lose set over set to the aces. par for the course.

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September 17th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 2 suck

i-dont-always-watch-suck-ass-teams-but-when-i-do-i-watch-the-minnesota-vikings-thumbsorry about the scratchy noise in the video – totally not pro and totally my fault. again, what’s new the vikings sucked it up. instead of pulling out a rare road win not to mention a road win in chicago we fuked it up as usual. just like the lions did last week, chicago looked like they were trying to hand us the win but the vikings couldnt or wouldnt accept the gift. I NEED TO CORRECT SOMETHING I SAID IN THE VIDEO. i said the defense played well but i’ve become so numb to a shitty defense that when they actually play average i think it’s really good. truth be told they have allowed over 800 yards and 60 points in 2 games. is that good? um no.

anyway – here’s a link to check out. one of the best vikings forums around. purple thoughts. i’ve been lurking on here for over 10 years – hardly ever post cos when i do i just end up arguing with some poster who has been posting there a billion times a day. that said it’s real and awesome and these are the hardcore vikings fans – cursed like the red sox used to be but worse. that’s the mentality of a vikings fan.

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September 15th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – facebook donkament idiot = me

why do i hold my hand over the flame? i know i’m gonna get burned yet i still do it. i briefly touch on my trip to japan and the comical incident where the people in the gym wouldnt let me in because i have tattoos. here’s a pic of me in a shirt they made me rent after they taped up my arms with gauze. yakuza

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September 13th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – just quads?

somewhat redeemed myself with a decent run in this one. busted in 12th just short of making the final table. with 78K, blinds 3/6k i shoved with KJh but ran into AA and then the guy flopped quads. adding insult to injury i actually hit my flush. went into the day knowing i would do well and i did. it’s all about me – when i’m mentally focused my game flourishes.

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September 10th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – parking lot rant

. i made 2 mistakes and they cost me. busted in the early 30′s. aside from that royal fuck up i was in a great position to make a deep run. i screwed up one hand in particular at a pivotal point when i was just turning the corner in chips. instead, this sent me back down to just below ave and then with four tables left i my brain decided to stop working and i was out like an idiot. i now know what it feels like to get stacked how i stack people. usually my beats people dont see coming at all and they are a bit brutally confusing. i know cos i see it on people’s faces – it’s that look of like “wow – i’m absolutely crushed” like they just saw a ghost. it’s scary.

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September 9th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings coaching decision tree

here’s a link to what i thought was a really great article from a viking blog called the daily norseman. the picture of the vikings coaching decision tree is absolutely AHMAZZZZING!!!! yes these things make me laugh.


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September 8th, 2013 by ten ton

minnesota vikings after thoughts – week 1 suck

this video was a result of some weird combination of boredom, loneliness, depression and frustration. i don’t claim to be an expert about the vikes but i know enough to hold my own against any super fan, beat writer but maybe not a team analyst. suffice to say here are my thoughts off the top of my head about the debacle vs the lions… and obviously i hate watching the vikings lose – something they have done my entire fucking life. it’s got 2 parts. i’m sorry i cant help myself.

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September 6th, 2013 by ten ton

commerce poker series – more drinks please

first tournament in a long time and i played like it was preseason football (read shitty). it was great to be back though. im sure it will just take another one to get the rust off and back in game shape.

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July 15th, 2013 by ten ton

four cafe is doing it right

fourcafe2finally my wait is over. four cafe opened in the space that used to be the black cat and previously mani’s. i wrote about the demise of the black cat in an earlier post – i’m so thankful these new guys moved in. the place is awesome. it’s a more open place and definitely feels wayyyyy more like it belongs in the neighborhood. the food is great and the decor is fresh and clean. all in all i have high hopes for this place and i dont think they can fuck it up like everyone else did. their menu is refreshing on a number of levels…presentation is beautiful as well. i’ve been there everyday since it opened last week. seriously people, i’m so glad to have my spot back. i’m going there again for a lunch meeting tomorrow. plus….they stay open late which i could never understand why the last guys didnt. i mean – this place should grow into a very popular spot if they keep doing what they are doing. the food is ultimately what’s gonna bring people back and after having 4 different dishes i dont think they will have a problem with unhappy customers. way to be fc!

btw – that is soo not the best picture to use for this post but the one i took of my blt was blurry. fourcafe1

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July 15th, 2013 by ten ton

running bad – a few thoughts

franpokerhandsno i’m not sleeping at the table – i’m actually writing down every single hand i was dealt. why did i do this? to disspell the notion that i was the boy crying wolf all the time about getting dealt shitty cards for the past few months. this year in general has been one horrendous run bad. the sheer lack of premium hands has definitely sucked major ass. on one hand, it’s made me a more skilled player though – case in point making day 2s routinely (in LA) without hands better than TT. another case in point was the hustler tournament won with the best hand of 77. yeah that’s cool an all fran but this is like trying to compete in a marathon wearing flip flops instead of running shoes. wait, i take that back…snowshoes…you know..these kind snowshoes-snocraft-vintage-2

i definitely think my wsop results would have been very different if i was dealt at least my statistical average of premium starting hands. that tiny difference would have made a serious impact. there is only so long you can ration out your chips and make plays with 96s. as far as writing down hands…i have routinely done this during tournaments…sometimes it helps focus but it also keeps things in perspective. for example, in the wsop i was seeing 30 hands per level on average. i can also see what hands i did play – how i did with them and where i made both good and bad plays. i find it very helpful to do this every other tournament. then again, i’m about to book an appointment with an energy healer in hopes of some sort of energy cleanse that will help me attract some decent hands. ya know the chinese say lucky in cards unlucky in love – lucky in love and unlucky in cards. they need one for unlucky in cards and unlucky in love cos that’s the state of affairs over here with snowshoe man.

i know we all know this but it’s worth noting again. the probability of getting pocket aces is 1/221 and the probability of this happening twice in a row is (1/221)2 = 1 in 48,841. also! about 2.5% of the time you can expect AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo – that’s 1/39. so just give me that 1/39 please…all i ask – shit that’s almost one of these 5 hands every level. imagine that….wet dream.

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July 9th, 2013 by ten ton

stars and stripes – day 2 super fast bust out

. it was over before it began. it seemed like everyone at my table was getting aces or kings at the absolute perfect time for them….u know…when ur praying for them because you desperately need a double up. alas my friends i was not dealt aces. blinds went up i got short i shoved i lost rinse repeat etc etc a sad day indeed.

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July 8th, 2013 by ten ton

stars and stripes – i know i dont suck

. at the suggestion of one of my friends and poker pro greg pohler i ended up playing this event and made day 2. steady, calm and solid.

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July 7th, 2013 by ten ton

mr porter’s package

mrporteri ordered something online from this site called mr porter and i gotta tell ya, A plus plus in the delivery/presentation department. these guys put other companies to shame by how they package up their stuff. check out the pic – that was for one swim trunk. you gotta absolutely love the “mr ten” card from mr porter. it was all very bond like – they even included a handkerchief. talk about great packaging. i’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. i didnt love the swim trunk but whatever, it was marc jacobs – it was ok but a bit too neon for me. i ordered another swim trunk from parke & ronen which happened to be better but they shipped it in just a plastic bag…lame but i will end up wearing it more often. oh well, that’s online shopping for ya.

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July 6th, 2013 by ten ton

WSOP Report #4 card dead grinding

video apologies on the echo – i think the volume was off on my ipad when i recorded it so there’s a slight echo…not annoying enough to make u stop watching it though.

this was the deepest i’ve gone i the 4 wsop events that i’ve played in my young poker career. i busted in 500th something place out of 2800 something entrants. made it down to the last level of day one. video has all the details but to sum up – i got off to a really bad start with my flopped set of 7′s losing to a flopped set of aces. even though i lost almost half my chips i think most people would have totally gotten stacked here. as a result of what had happened to me with the aa vs kk early on in my previous wsop event, i had a feeling i could be up against aces and thus played my set cautiously. turns out that what saved me was the line i took on the river which was bet fold. i didnt bet my stack…i led out with a blocking bet and if i got raised my plan was to fold. to my surprise he just called…he had the nuts so im not sure why he didnt shove. fuk…it was aces and i was correct. at least i was still alive even though i was playing catch up for the next few hours. yes…i played solid card dead short stack poker all day – something i think i am becoming very skilled at.

i still havent gotten smashed with the deck in a long time. the only big pair was kings and thru those 10 levels i only made 2 sets, 2 pair once and top pair a couple times. no straights no flushes and no boats. i never had much going for me card-wise. i also ran into aces and survived twice. getting thru these events like this is only going to make me a better player. i’m really forced to figure out ranges and player tendencies because most of the time i didnt have it. in fact i hardly ever had it and when i have had it there’s an even more monster hand ahead of me. in the end i had to ship it with a8 suited and got called by a9. yeah i hate shipping with hands like that but i honestly thought my 11bb stack had some fold equity. it almost got thru. so…to sum up – very bummed and a bit frustrated. i dont think ive wanted something this bad in many many years. it’s gonna happen – i just know it.

another note about video – filmed at the gold coast. my ride sort of ditched me so i ended up staying with another friend of mine. interesting place to say the least. in some ways it was almost better than the rio….i’m still not sure what i think of that place…i need to hotel blog soon. i keep saying i will but i dont.

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July 5th, 2013 by ten ton

Venetian Deepstack III massive french tilt

im not proud of this video at all but on one hand it’s got to be one of my better (read “more comical”) ones just because i was so irritated. i was literally still on tilt by the time i got back to my hotel. i was even discussing correct pot odds with the cab driver. oh man, sometimes it has everything to do with the person u lose a hand to.

so…i fired 2 bullets at the venetian tonight. in the first one i lost full house over full house. i had 99 on a A9662 board. my opponent mr quiet older asian man had AA. obviously this was a cooler of course but the guy wasnt a douche so a genuine “great hand” was due. on the other hand….when i busted out on my second bullet to the french douche on my right it was a completely different story. u can watch the video for details but there were so many things that frustrated me…specifically – losing to this particularly guy. of course he made a questionable call for the wrong reasons and got rewarded (nothing new here) but there was just something about him that bugged the fuck out of me. he was annoying me with his play (which was completely see thru) and when i did get him to commit his stack for the wrong reasons he ended up getting lucky with a 3 outer on the river. again…nothing new here. what’s new is that it took me much longer to get the frustration out of my system than the usual normal bust out.

honestly – these videos really do help me AND they really help you – “you” meaning all of my friends. it keeps everyone from having to hear bad beat stories which no one really wants to hear. no one really cares about anyone’s bad beat but at least these video truly help me get it out of my system. it really is therapy. some people are good at handling beats. i think im pretty good – especially at the table but i have to admit i need to talk about it. i think it’s better that i talk to my ipad instead of someone else. my ipad cares more. plus…if someone asks me “how’d u do?” i can always just say “watch the video”. taking that one step further…if they do watch the video they can shut me up (unlike in real life) at the press of a button. maybe i need to get laid. that might help with some of my inner angst.

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