close but not close enough

March 12th, 2013

close but not close enough

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i finished 20th out of 490 in the deepstack at the bike this past weekend. yeah it was nice making day 2 and cashing but i’m far from satisfied. my brain and my game are quickly advancing towards the next level. i feel like im about to “level up” in my real life multiplayer rpg. i’m getting closer and closer. i can taste it – like a wolf that’s finally gotten a taste of blood.

bust out hand described in the video above played itself. cliff note version is “local yocal donkey wins AK vs AQ river suck out”. im utg with 370k- blinds 12/24k ante 4k- i raise to 65k – girl next to me calls and then donkey man min raises me. folds back around and i shove remainder of my stack. pot now about 640k. girl tanks and eventually folds but before that fold verbally goes thru a list of the hands she thinks she’s up against…says in some foreign accent “aces, kings…u have ace king?” i almost wanted to say “yeah and it’s suited too”. so – what’s this tell u about this girl? she obviously knew exactly what the situation was and read it perfectly. i was representing a top tier hand and she was right…no wonder she made it that far in the tournament. donk monkey on the other hand insta called with AQ. really? what went thru your primate brain – did u even say to urself…”what hands do i beat right now? what hands do i want to essentially risk well over half of my remaining chips with?” the only hands ur ahead of are AJ or A10 but would a guy with my image even play those hands from that position at this stage of the tournament? the thing is, he didnt ask himself these questions cos he wasnt putting me on a hand…he simply believed he had the best hand the moment he looked at his cards regardless of the action or position. both of his actions – the raise and call where instant. when i turned over AK he said “wow i didnt know u were that strong”. really? really? a 4 bet shove from UTG isnt strong? of course u didnt know didnt because u didnt think and most likely only have gotten this far in the tournament from what i can only assume was some combination of blind luck and getting absolutely smashed by the deck. anyway, i saw the queen on the river before it even hit the felt and was already walking away with a look on my face (similar to this look) as the guy started to celebrate his “skillful” play.

courtenay was there on the rail and i appreciate him being there. he didn’t question my play -he knew the money went in good and the end result was just completely “unlucky”. it’s a drag though. i felt great about my chances at this stage of the tournament. now i just have to get back there and do it again. maybe i will even get aces or kings once. my friend david played the bounty tournament today and in a few hours had aces and kings multiple times. it’s nice getting premium hands but maybe having to work this hard without them is only building a stronger operating system for my game. conditioning will turn me into the cyborg i need to be. as far as card distribution went i did win with QQ twice…one was early on with no action after the flop and one was later on vs david the dragon pham when he shoved on me with 55. i was in the bb with QQ and scored a timely double up. i had jj,tt,99 each once and lost those hands. 88 3x – 2 of them won vs ak the other lost to 77 sucking out a set on the river. that’s it for big hands. talk about grinding.

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