courtenay running good at lapc

February 8th, 2013

courtenay running good at lapc

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courtenay_lapc my boy courtenay williams ran extremely well at the lapc – i was very very very proud of him. he made the final table of event #29 ($340 doublestack) and finished in 7th place. since i was his only cheering section it was sort of a bummer (after driving out there in bad traffic) only to arrive just in time to witness his bust out. man that suks – he was close. i think if they played the final table on the first night he would have done better. on that particular evening the kid was in a zone where he could do no wrong. sort of like jordan.

courtenay also cashed in another lapc event taking 41st place – i think it was event #17 the knockout bounty tournament. he’s definitely cranked his tournament game up a few notches this month that’s for damn sure. super fun watching him play simply because his style is sooo different from mine. we definitely make a good team. sort of like magic and kareem back in the day when the lakers were actually a cool team. that team with magic, cooper, worthy, nixon, wilkes and jabbar was awesome. basketball kinda sucks as a pro sport anyway. sort of like baseball sucks.

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