crushing small home games and tournaments

March 4th, 2013

crushing small home games and tournaments

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nooner_chipsi think my game is starting to hit another gear. things have slowed down enough that i’m conscious of levels, meta levels and even outside psychological levels that play into my game. in the past couple weeks i’ve finished second, first, and second in the last 3 tournaments i’ve played. i’ve also chopped (took second) a nooner at the bike. in retrospect i wish i had played that one heads up but he wanted to split and made me a pretty good offer.

after losing a heads up match to a much weaker player i was able to address a few major leaks in my HU game. subsequently the next heads up match i was in i absolutely destroyed the other person. unfortunately, the next heads up match only lasted one hand after i lost pair over pair – it is what it is. no regrets whatsoever although i’m sure that person was breathing a sigh of relief to not have endure a long HU match with me. what makes this finish even tastier is the fact that i never actually made a hand better than top pair during the entire tournament. i was also issued a warning about drinking as it seems my attitude easily offends some of the more easily offended. if these people only knew how g rated this environment is as compared to some of the more fucked shit that goes on at some of these home games. i did, however, inform the host that as a favor to him, i will NOT drink at his game. omfg that’s gonna be tough because this group of players happens to agitate me a bit more than usual.

can you tell i feel good about my game? weird what experience does for ya. it’s like playing bass. when i’m on stage i honestly feel like i’m the best and no one can do my job better. knowledge, talent and preparedness breed confidence and success. when i walk into any local home game/tournament i’m disappointed if i don’t at least cash as i feel like my play is well above average in these fields.

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