facebook and my misanthropy

July 19th, 2012

facebook and my misanthropy

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i check facebook maybe once every 2 days when i’m taking a shit. it’s less eventful and usually less interesting and never as satisfying as me taking that shit. posts of your kids, posts of your cats, posts that a million other people have already posted, posts from dj’s that shouldn’t self promote as much as they do….it’s become boring and uninteresting. i used to post somewhat randomly on facebook usually when my band has something going on. i mostly posted pictures of my dog when he was alive so yes i’m a hypocrite but my dog was pretty much a star. i understand the value of facebook all too well and have deep rooted experience with social media. in fact i have been on more than a few panels discussing the role of social media and music. i guess what im saying is that most people don’t know how to “quality share”. im sure what they share isnt “dumb” to them but it really is. i guess if i flooded my facebook stream with a relentless river of useless info people would hate me too. so be like me – post judiciously and u will get noticed and be appreciated by ur smarter facebook friends….otherwise it all just turns into narcissistic background noise. man i should start a facebook page for this blog. i wonder when someone will even read this blog. i should send the first visitor a prize – like a buy in for a tournament – wouldnt that be great. i will do something like that at some point.

here is a great article by andy ostroy who summed it up pretty well in 2 articles on why he hates facebook

i actually do use the “like” button when i read something good but they should have a “dislike” button – i guess i would never get off the toilet if that did exist though.

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