first press blip – baby steps newbie alert

May 28th, 2013

first press blip – baby steps newbie alert

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Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 2.35.09 PM at the end of day 1 (card player main at the bike) i met the managing editor of card player – a guy named julio rodriquez. julio had asked me my name and i now know why. it was because he was describing the hand (pictured) for their live online updates. love that part that says “later claimed to have jacks”. i actually did fold jacks. if this was any other bullshit tournament in la i would have probably re-shoved there. in fact, if that other dude who 3bet me wasnt in the hand i would have been playing for my stack against the 4bet shove guy because that dude’s range was wayyy too wide to not do so. turns out i was crushed by both. gotta admit, i folded because of the 3bet guy with aa – he was the reason i was tanking. if the aces guy had just called my raise instead of repopping me i probably would have been dead because i honestly didnt give the 4bet shove guy credit for a big pair. anyway…there’s a time and place for shipping it with jacks…that wasnt one of them.

cardplayermag_francistenstrangely enough my next and final press blurb happened to be when i had JJ again and it did happen to be the time and place to ship it. well, u can read it there. i like their use of the word “unfortunately”. it almost sounds as if they cared. it was rather unfortunate though as i was so looking forward to getting my picture in the live updates as i made day 3…..yeah….not happenin.

anyway, the point of this post was to say that this reminds me of when i had my first ever band review in the university of michigan daily paper. i was super excited, so much so i faxed it (from my job at kinkos) to my dad at his office and he pretty much responded with “wtf are u doing wtf is this – dont do that again”. it was a total buzz kill – but then again my dad wasnt too thrilled with my music career choice at that point in time. it wasnt until i slapped down a 100k check in front of him that he changed his tune so to speak. anyway – yes….i am fully aware this is such a minor insignificant blip for any player but for me, given the fact i have no resume, it’s a baby step as i set out to do what i plan – just like i did in music. when i picked up a bass guitar i had no clue how to play it. i knew it had 2 less strings than a guitar so i figured it would take less time to learn it and thus less time to get a record deal etc etc etc. anyway – u get the idea.

btw that job at kinkos lasted at most 2 weeks – maybe less.

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