fourcafe2finally my wait is over. four cafe opened in the space that used to be the black cat and previously mani’s. i wrote about the demise of the black cat in an earlier post – i’m so thankful these new guys moved in. the place is awesome. it’s a more open place and definitely feels wayyyyy more like it belongs in the neighborhood. the food is great and the decor is fresh and clean. all in all i have high hopes for this place and i dont think they can fuck it up like everyone else did. their menu is refreshing on a number of levels…presentation is beautiful as well. i’ve been there everyday since it opened last week. seriously people, i’m so glad to have my spot back. i’m going there again for a lunch meeting tomorrow. plus….they stay open late which i could never understand why the last guys didnt. i mean – this place should grow into a very popular spot if they keep doing what they are doing. the food is ultimately what’s gonna bring people back and after having 4 different dishes i dont think they will have a problem with unhappy customers. way to be fc!

btw – that is soo not the best picture to use for this post but the one i took of my blt was blurry. fourcafe1

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