frankso_badbeatsometimes life seems to work out great when it’s not planned. like the time i won a hustler tournament when i wasnt planning on playing it. like the time i turned my last $300 bucks into tens of thousands on an hour and a half dice roll in vegas. like last night when my buddy frank who wasnt planning on playing cash hit a bad beat jackpot table share.

the day started out with me really wanting to play a tournament cos i knew couldnt play much in the next week. turns out hawaiian gardens had a “decent” value tournament going on so it was worth the drive. i called up frank and pretty much told him he was coming with me – he’s new in town and has never been to hg and i also figured we could both use a break from the regular spots. that said, i picked his ass up and we schlepped it out to the gardens. the drive down was kind of shitty but it got better when i decided to get off the packed 105 and take side streets. frank busted the tournament at the second break and since he said (to my astonishment) he had no plans on playing cash and was just gonna wait for me i insisted he take my money and play.

as destiny would have it,frank sat at the right table at the right time to witness this awesome bad beat jackpot. AA vs KK on a K99KA board. was the drunk golfer with the aces stoked to lose that hand and subsequently win 30k …. yup. was frank stoked to net over a couple g’s for just being an innocent bystander…yup. was i stoked to get that text message while i was still in the tournament…yup. did i think he was fuking with me…yup. was i happy i had a stake in that win…yup. so random, so good. way to be franklin!

at 3am i ended up busting in 11th for a min cash. we ended up at a 24hr korean place eating bi bim bop til 5am. this was a much needed decent night out.

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