give me a hand please

October 15th, 2012

give me a hand please

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ok – i think u all know how much i value good sportsmanship. for example, i hate excessive celebrations in the nfl (with one notable exception though – joe buck is so lame) and this carries over to the poker table. i really dont think it’s cool at all…but that’s me. for the most part i keep it real but that’s not to say i need some serious alone time to decompress and vent from keeping all my emotions in check (no pun intended). i decided to start capturing my post tournament “crying like a little bitch” sessions on my ipad. figured it would be therapeutic, comedic and somewhat tragic. here’s the first one of these. here is the first one moments after i busted out of the big poker oktober main even at the bike. bummer.

to sum it up: out at the end of the tenth level. nothing really much to say except i didnt get a ton of juicy hands to play. i was able to chip up a little bit early but levels 7-10 proved to be very lean years. without enough “playable” hands i could only squeeze so much out of the horrible ones until i found myself sitting on less than 20 bbs. with blinds 800/1600 i shoved with AJs only to be called by AK and i was toast. overall i felt handcuffed by the shear amount of shit i was being served up. oh well that’s variance in action. i can only create masterpieces with inferior holdings for so long . cant wait for the next one.

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