hawaii 5 oh my god really

October 8th, 2012

hawaii 5 oh my god really

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this picture was taken moments after i busted out of the haig kelegian classic in 50 something place. let’s just say i was slightly annoyed and felt like punching a hole thru my newly tinted truck window.  ok here we go –  key hand: blinds 500/1000 i move all in for 22k on the button with KJo. the big blind calls.  did i want a call? no, but i didn’t mind one and i was somewhat relieved to see her turn over 55. i was now racin as about a 47-53% dog.  after i flop my king i can taste those sweet 54k chips. after an ace on the turn all i was chanting in my brain was “no five no five no five”. gross – i see a five peel off the dealer’s hand before it hits the felt.  game over as the crazy azian girl rivers her set. i’m not sure why she made that call in the first place as she wasnt getting the proper odds but these type of players are the players that are paradoxically more troublesome to play than the “good” ones. personally, i wouldnt have made that call unless i had a huge stack. i definitely wouldnt have made it given my god like table image along with the price she was getting. after the 5 spikes she of course smacks her hand on the table and says “i was ahead before the flop” as if that somehow means anything. what can u say..i’m the mad guy in the parking lot trying to simmer down and she’s probably still grinning from ear to ear. i’m sure i’ll b fine after the 50 mile ride home. ughh, i was feeling great today. so gross- i want to vomit all over her lousy set of fives.

ok…i’m cooled off now. as i said just a sentence ago i was playing well today – i was able to play pots against players that i targeted and everything seemed to be clicking. there was a hyper aggro guy that was moved to my table after the first break. he had check raised 3 people off their hands (post flop) in less than one orbit. i was dying to get it in with him. luckily for me that happened when i had pocket fours in early  position and was given incredible odds to call a middle position raise that saw multiple callers (he being the second caller). flop 249 rainbow. hyper aggro fires a 2/3 pot sized bet – fold, fold, i call, initial raiser folds. i called only because i felt a raise would probably take it down there and i would be leaving chips on the table. i discounted another set and figured he either had an over pair, A3, or absolutely nothing…more likely the later. turn was a 5. hmmm A3 gets there but i still anticipate him firing another barrel no matter what and of course he fires half pot. at this point i was going for it because that bet was essentially an all in bet if he was conscious of my stack (which im giving him credit for). i reraise all in, he snap calls and tables 63off. wow not the straight cards i put him on and definitely surprised he was even in the pot in the first place. yes…lucky for me the board pairs a five and my full house gives me a wonderful double up. looking back on the hand i think even if i did reraise his flop bet he wasnt going anywhere. his game was brute force and intimidation. come to think of it, given how i have been dressing for tournaments these days i do look like i could be intimidated. im the only dude in there with a tie and v neck sweater. definitely clark kent button up as compared to the average degenerate in the room. ahhh the five… bittersweet irony indeed. a five saves me and then kills me. but hey, i was ahead pre flop right ;)

on a side note, ocean’s 11 is a pretty cool casino. their tournament was run well and the service was pretty good. i like the vibe in there.  i even ended up meeting haig kelegian who if you don’t know who he is, is one serious california casino legend. check out the current issue of cardplayer mag and u will see – that baller is on the cover. he was a very personable guy to chat with.

anyway, in the words of another famous californian, i’ll be back …next year… to take that tournament down. i will actually be back sooner than that cos they have good tournaments there about once a month.

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