spur of the moment decision to roll down to hawaiian gardens to play in one of the 5 flights for their 100k event. of course i went deep but it matters very little in the end as i busted 11th out of 180 entrants – 2 away from advancing to day 2 with what would have been a pretty decent stack. i played great and was able to chip up early. this bloated chip stack allowed me to survive 3 straight suck outs by the same “i’m gonna play every single hand” dude who ended up with half my stack after it was said and done. he was like a little mosquito that wouldnt go away. he finally did though because you can only keep getting it in bad for so long.

when it was down to 2 tables i picked up ats in the sb and open shoved for 13bb. there are 2 schools of thoughts on this move. i personally think it was dumb (not sure why i didnt think this through more) and yet another costly mistake when i’ve been down in this “final table” bubble area. i should have kept with what was working for me….pot controlling and i would have most likely found a fold when the guy in the bb with kings re-popped me. yes i could have easily folded there if i raised to 40k and then faced an AI. that would have left me about 10 bigs and an entire orbit to make another move. my buddy frank (who i went down there with) had another line of thinking here though. according to frank “ace ten suited 5 handed blind vs blind is a monster” and that was indeed my move. i can see his point but it was somewhat reckless given that i think i could have easily advanced to day 2 (and not in completely horrible shape) by playing a bit more cautiously. so….there it is – i’ve come up short again but my reads were pretty spot on and my “tough” folds we actually pretty easy. all it took to ruin my day was me veering away from my game plan one time with a move that was too aggressive for the situation considering the position i was in. if it was 10 spots until the final table i dont mind the move as much – in fact i would have easily gotten it in there without a second thought.

silver linings – frank was part of a bad beat jackpot table share – i will write a post about this.

shout out to mike who follows the blog – thanks for support man i mentioned u in the vid.

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