this is a contest but i guess it’s more like a job posting. the deal is this. i will pay cash for any logo design submitted that i use. i’m really only looking for one design so i guess in that regard it’s a contest. i’m not gonna be ur typical cheap ass stingy poker player btw…i understand you get what you pay for and that great design work costs money.  i’ve also grown tired of asking friends for help because although friends are great and awesome and all, they usually have way too much to deal with in their own lives to make helping me out a priority. that’s how it goes and i get it. so…send me an email and i will tell you what im thinking –  i can even send u some rough sketches i have made and we can take it from there.  i pay well btw – just ask the guy i found who helped me redesign and reprogram all the code in this site.

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