i played like shit

November 9th, 2012

i played like shit

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wynn fall poker classic main event. so happy this one is in the books. i failed horribly in 2 satelitte tries as well. nothing worked for me. the main event was in fact mainly uneventful. i was a bit hampered by having the early chip leader to my right and allen cunningham on my left. barry shulman was also at my table and that guy is pretty cool. i think i played a bit too tight for my own good and when i did make a move i encountered resistance from some pretty hefty hands. the silver lining to an otherwise forgetful tournament was the fact that i’m now getting more comfortable playing in these “bigger” buy in events. remember that this is a relative term – bigger. a little over a year ago i was sweating losing my $40 buy in. i think there’s something to be elaborated on in a future post here. how the value of money changes along with your fear of losing it. anyway… another day another post. pretty much all i have to say is in the video.

oh i also talk about the venetian deep stack that i went to play immediately after the main event. i didnt do well but played a style that i liked.

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