wsop circuit event #3 at the bike. 0-2 now. haha i just watched these videos – a 2 part episode of my brain trying to untangle itself after the inevitable punch in the face one receives after busting out of a tournament. i had all day to think about this and after talking to a few trusted confidantes i really think i should’ve shoved on the flop. recap: blinds 100/200 stack size 7200 i’m UTG with AdAh raise 700 one caller MP flop Jd7d5c. i bet 2k. mr play every hand calls. turn 8h i shove hoping for a fold and if not i have draw to the nuts. guy called with 8s8c (no diamonds). over. my mistake was purely in the fact that since i knew i was going all the way with the hand on the flop (absolutely not giving him credit for a flush draw and putting him on top pair shitty kicker) betting 30% of my stack here was the error. i would’ve got more fold equity and put so much more pressure on this fool by making him pay to see that turn. then again, i was trying to get value – seems to be a common mistake of mine…not just shoving it all in like a gorilla but instead thinking i can outplay someone post flop while slowly draining them of chips. oh well. if i had 100BB’s then yeah i should’ve bet what i bet but i didnt – i had 30 left so instead of betting 10BB i should’ve shoved the flop. i still think monkey man would’ve called though so contemplating this any more is just a waste of my precious brain cells.

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