i’m gonna pay your phone bill ted

April 5th, 2013

i’m gonna pay your phone bill ted

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tedlottnew illogical ritual alert. so…before every tournament i make it a point to call a few select people while im on my trip to the casino. i usually try to check in with courtney and then call my dad—that convo lasts about a minute if that:

“hey dad”
“hey fran”
“how’s it going dad?”
“im on my way to play a tournament now”
“ok good luck”
“how’s mom?”
“she’s good”
“ok what’s new?”
“ok dad, i’ll talk to ya later”
“ok good luck”
“yup later”

anyway, after my “dad call” on the day of the first deepstack event at the bike this month i decided to ring up my old buddy ted lott. ted is high school and college friend from grand rapids michigan. unfortunately for teddy – i ended up doing well that day so it was only natural he got added to my call list. the kid’s a fuking talisman though – i called him in route before the next 2 tournaments and low and behold i ended up 3 for 3 in cashes thus solidifying my ocd pattern/hypothesis as proven fact. i will stick with this plan for a while and see how it works out – it’s always nice talking to old friends anyway, teddy makes me laugh. if i take down a big one i will pay his cell phone bill for the year.

(i actually call my mom from airport terminals before i get on any departing flight but that’s another odd habit/superstition that will be discussed in the future).

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