this blog will document my life as a recreational and amateur poker player – it’s opinionated and unapologetic. again…i’m not a pro so if you’re a pro you probably can’t remember this far back in your career for this to be relevant in any way. if you’re an amateur then sure…this might make u laugh a little bit.

back story: for most of my adult life i have been a musician — toured everywhere, slept in truck stops, signed record deals, signed autographs etc etc etc. i’m still in that world…signed to band on sony but my real passion and mental focus has changed. playing poker reminds me of what it felt like when i first started playing music. i immediately had dreams and goals that i set out to achieve. in a very smart, credible, hard working and methodical way i ended up achieving most of those goals. it is in that same vein that i plan on achieving my new dreams and goals in the world of poker.

first blog: i kept a blog for a long time as a musician…it was one of the best band blogs at a time when blogs were just starting. i’m pretty proud of it. after a while this blog migrated over to my own personal site as that band evolved/devolved.

second blog: the blog on my site was great for a while but after the last post i didnt have the heart to continue and essentially put an end to any updates/blogging there. since that time i havent felt the need to open my mouth on the web until now, and that, class, is how we ended up at the ten ton poker blog.

sorry to disappoint all the online poker geekers but that picture isnt of me. a “hot teachers” google search seemed appropriate for this entry.