intro to cash underground

November 7th, 2012

intro to cash underground

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i have to give credit where credit is due. courtenay texted me today about having a section on my blog about playing underground cash games in los angeles. he even suggested the name im using. thanx man – good idea – noted and implemented. (i have since changed my mind and removed this category – now cash stuff is discussed under “the play” category – im sure ur bummed). i havent been playing much cash over the last few months but this week things seemed to have changed as i have been getting the invites to some tasty games.

as far as cash games go at casinos i had i nice haul this past weekend at commerce after i busted out of an la poker open tournament. i decided to win my money back playing cash. i sat down at a 3-5 table with 200 behind. i ended up getting that up to 1700 but ultimately walking with 1200. i was in a zone…maybe it’s the culmination of studying and playing more hands. either way i felt in control and in command. in retrospect my biggest mistake was playing when i was getting tired. i think i spewed off 400 based on simple concentration mistakes. the biggest one was calling a river bet and being shown a flush when i hadnt even noticed the backdoor flush card on the turn. when i realized this error i immediately got up and split. knowing when im burnt has been a leak in my game that i’m going to quickly shore up.

anyway, it’s going to be a ton of fun playing and talking about these cash games in la. i will probably be going with courtenay to a fair share of them. i hate to say it but i feel like i need to rewatch rounders now.

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