it was all goin in anyway

January 3rd, 2013

it was all goin in anyway

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wsop circuit event #1 at the bike. 0-1. wish i had something juicy to report here but i don’t. an underwhelming start to 2013 to say the least. i started the day a bit spewy and busted out wayyyyyyyyyyy toooooo early. i usually dont bust out that early and for that fact alone i’m disappointed. i got stuck early but battled back to chip average after a few levels. then, with about 25bb’s left i decided to flat the button’s raise with AQo. i mean, this guy’s raise was text book esp since he was chip leader at the table. i check an A on the flop figuring my hand is under rep’d. he bets so my only option is to check raise all in hoping he doesnt have one specific hand. of course he has that one specific hand (AK) and i’m done. either way it was prolly gonna play out like this no matter what because i wasn’t gonna puss out and fold pre flop. i had just folded a preflop raise with AJo to a 3bet from a decent player who was under the gun and as a result i felt like my table image took a hit with that fold. that said, i wasn’t thinking about tucking my balls back between my legs and running away…that’s for fkn sure. i have no problems drawing a line the sand be it poker or life.

side note – saw a bunch of rounders people there. nice to hear scotty wayne is a blog reader and appreciates my post tournament video moments — further proof that someone else besides my father is reading this. ya know, the vids aren’t a beautiful thing – but they’re honest. next post is going to be about spewing and it’s many forms in relation to facebook.

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