lapc bubble boy so gross

February 19th, 2013

lapc bubble boy so gross

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it’s a fate i wish upon all my enemies. bubbling. fucking sucks. here’s the deal if u dont feel like watching the video. i played the $1100 no limit hold’em event 44 at the lapc this past saturday. of course i did well and made a deep run (“well” and “deep” are relative to my sample size and experience level fyi…btw….fyi – i will expand on this later) anyway i went out in 39th place out of 378 that made day 2. i missed a min cash of a couple g’s but more importantly i missed out on probably what would have been my biggest cash to date by virtue of this hand.

here’s the hand. mid position blinds 1500/3000 ante ? i forget maybe 500. it was well into the 13th hour of play. i pick up 88 – i have 20 bb’s. i decided to open shove. questionable move given the bubble. was it the dewars or was it just going for it so i had a shot for some real money in day 2? button calls and then the bb calls. a nightmare starts unfolding in front of my face. the nightmare suddenly turns into a wet dream when an 8 appears in the window on the flop. omfg im gonna be like 15th overall in chips! my wonderful wet dream quickly turns back into a nightmarish visit starring pinhead from hellraiser when bitch boy’s ace binks on the river. yes…that happened. set over set to bust me out of a spectacular day of play. when i say spectacular i mean spectacular. i withstood losing to aa, losing with kk while making amazing reads and plays through out. coitus interuptus.

what makes this especially sick is that i was already within the top final 72 overall for the multiday event meaning that all i had to do was not play a hand and i would have easily made it to day 2. here’s the super safe way to play this hand and probably the route i should have taken. in fact i veered away from this route only once that day and it was on this hand. i could’ve raised that to 2.3 or 2.1x and then i would have gotten 3bet and subsequently 4bet shoved on by the kk guy who sucked ass (spewed off 300k during the last couple hours). if it did happen to go down that way i would have dropped my pair and probably snuck into day 2 with a short stack leaving me with only a bingo stack to play with. hindsight is 20/20 – i mainly feel bad for my one partner in this event that being courtney. we are operating on a modest tournament bankroll so cashing is a consideration [read "im not like all these other "pros" (i use that term very loosely btw fyi) that can afford to take multiple shots at these tournaments]. i like playing vs pros – i think they are easier to play against than the random morons the infest the low limit tournaments. hygiene wise there are some incredibly disgusting low level players out there…im talking people with horrible dandruff, body odor and things growing out of their faces. sometimes i feel like im playing cards in middle world with a hobbit and an ogre sitting next to me. in fact it would probably be more interesting if i was indeed in middle earth playing cards with those guys.

i said i was going to expand on something earlier – sounds dirty. here it is: deep runs albeit a really small sample size. let’s look briefly at my 5 tournament buys ins for over $500. caesars winter classic – day 2 cash – caesars fall classic – last level day 1 out on cooler trip over trips with lower kicker (k>q), michigan poker open – last level day 1 AK losing to AJ. this lapc event set over set bubble boy and the wynn championship event this past fall where i just flat out sucked. 4 out of 5 of these were beyond respectable for my experience level. again, this isnt a guy with multiple bullets taking a machine gun style approach to the raffle. this is a prodigy sniper thats taking one shot and making it count. i’m warning everyone – pretty soon all im gonna do is hit the bullseye. im learning valuable lessons with each tournament i play. it’s gonna happen. i know it is.

oh i also cashed in event #2 at the lapc – i finished 73rd? i think out of almost 700. on my bust out hand (kJ hearts) i had 15 outs twice after the flop but couldnt hit :/

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