logo art and design – behind the scenes

June 24th, 2013

logo art and design – behind the scenes

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toddlogoi’m in the process of working on a couple t-shirt designs – these designs are going to be disgustingly awesome – why?…because i have good taste. PLUS, the guy that i have do most of my design work (todd calvert) has even better taste. todd has s a very similar aesthetic – he’s actually helped me with most of my tattoo design work. he understands what i mean when i say there is beauty in ugly and there is art in simple. imo you really need to have some sort of art background to truly understand these concepts. seeing beauty in ugly is actually worth a post in and of itself at some point. i had this epiphany when i was taking art classes at u mich. i ended up having an art professor that was so out of the box that he changed how i had, up until that point in life, processed art and saw/interpreted beauty. this guy used to paint mixed media on top of old maps. he was awesome – i dont think most of the class saw his genius. anyway….i’m so happy to have had that experience. transcendental in a way. back to todd – the guy is cool but seriously has issues responding to texts and getting back to people. we all hate helping friends for free though….maybe that’s why — but he can verify that i did offer to pay him — and i still will….if he eventually finishes. maybe when he reads this post he will get motivated…or maybe not.

im gonna try to silkscreen shirts on my own – then i can get great quality shirts (ie alternative apparel) and make shirts that i would genuinely like to wear. i guess i need to make the screens first. google..will help me. maybe i will be able to sell a couple. that would be awesome. update — found a place in sf that can burn a screen for me and send me what i need. this should be fun to do.

side note – todd has a wall in his place painted with chalkboard paint. it looks awesome and i’m copying it. i have a 5′x 6′ spot in my hallway that would be a perfect spot for a chalkboard.

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