lucky charms – card protectors

August 19th, 2012

lucky charms – card protectors

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omg i have become the guy with a card protector. i can’t believe i have become that guy. i can’t tell you that i’m not without my odd superstitions though (none of which have anything to do with poker). the only superstition i do have is: if i ever have a bad thought of a car accident while i’m driving i always touch/rub my dashboard 3 times as if to say “that’s my girl… don’t fuck up – let’s not die in a crash”. anyway, my card protector isn’t much of a protector because it’s pretty small and super light weight. on top of that i never really put it on my cards. i just end up throwing it around it and moving it from chip stack to chip stack. it’s tony’s dog tag – looking at it helps focus and center me at times. in another world if i had to pick another card protector i would have to go with this bad boy . haha go vikes!

come to think of it, it’s the stories or symbolism (if any) behind the protectors which is the interesting stuff.

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