meet 8 card stud – my metaphysical backer

May 20th, 2013

meet 8 card stud – my metaphysical backer

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8 Card Stud is the alias that my backer has chosen. I’m sure this alias will go down in lore right along side the great ones like watergate’s deepthroat or at the very least fletch’s dr rosenpenis. rarely do you meet people like 8CS and i would bet that the people who do meet him are quite lucky. you see…this man, is out to change lives… and i mean that in a good way – the right way. he’s an “actualizer” and actualizers, my freinds, are very special people indeed.

a week ago 8 Card Stud and i met up at a “trendy” LA hotel. reconnecting with him was akin to seeing a magicada but only more epic because most people only see those guys once every 17 years and i hadnt crossed paths with 8CS for well over 20. yes, you read that correctly… 8CS and i go wayyyy back – ┬áto a different time and a different place. amazingly, even with all that time in between, it’s like we hadn’t missed a beat.

i left our meeting thinking it was a shame that we lost touch all those years because this dude is one seriously funny guy…oh the many years of laughs that were not had. alas, all is not lost. as it turns out, there is much comedy on the horizon as the quest for ten ton poker dominance now becomes 8CS actualized.

on one hand life is strange, but the more u live it, the more you aren’t surprised in the least when those one outers on the river inexplicably seem to get dealt.

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