mega satellite = mega happy

May 24th, 2013

mega satellite = mega happy

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i took 2 shots at the mega satellite for the card player poker tour main event at the bike tonight. the videos above pretty much tell the story. i struck out at the 4pm one but finished in the top 9 (out of 85) in the 9pm one thus nabbing an $1100 seat in the main – i’m satisfied.

i’m starting to see a similarity or parallel between playing tournaments and playing shows. whenever west indian girl played pretty important shows i would always make it a point to book a warm up show somewhere the night before. this always served as an awesome practice run even though it was indeed a “show”. for ex…if we had a big show at sxsw in austin we would play a club in dallas the night before. as often as i could do this i would. it always made the big shows better. as a result there was less thinking involved on stage during the second show and the shows seemed effortless (better). i see the same thing happening with poker. if i havent played even in a week im not totally on my game. tonight was a perfect example – in the first satellite i made 2 bad moves. i actually sort of knew they werent optimal while i was making them yet still inexplicably made them. ie…not shoving all in on a small bilind’s limp when stack sizes and blinds essentially demanded that i do so — i ended up losing the pot. i also called a flop check raise (knowing i was probably behind) only to fold to the shove on the turn. these moves were lazy and not pro – i was “dull” for some reason.

i had a couple hours to kill before the second satellite and made sure i got refocused. in fact, i dont even think i was focused at all during the early one. that said, the 9pm performance was so much more on point. i was completely dialed in and had that zen thing going that i talked about in the last tournament post. moral of the story – i think i need to play “warm up gigs” in poker especially if i’m not playing almost every day.

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