michigan poker classic trip – tournament recap

September 24th, 2012

michigan poker classic trip – tournament recap

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Tuesday 9/18 Soaring Eagle Casino 6:30 – $300 Qualifier to MPC Main Event
out in the second level. wow. i’m conflicted and somewhat embarrassed and beyond annoyed right. so…..here’s the hand. blinds 100/200 my stack 10200 (51 bb) i’m UTG with AA and raise to 600. hijack, button and both blinds call. not overly thrilled to see the flop 5 ways. flop 7d,5h,4d. big blind leads out 1600. i make it 4000 with the notion that if the big blind shoves i will fold. so it does fold around to the bb and he sort of tanks (i hate using this word because it gives him too much credit for having any sort of meta game). he makes a half ass call. i now know im up against a draw and feel even better about my hand. IF, and i say IF, i was up against a player i thought was good i would have checked back the turn but when the Jc hits and he checks i moved all in for my remaining 28bbs. he snap calls off his tournament life with a pair of black 8′s. really? awesome i wish i could play against u all night. when he sees my hand he says” i knew u had kings”. huh…”i knew u had kings?”…so…let me get this straight…since u know i have at least kings and ur pair is beat ur calling off ur tournament life to hit a gutshot to a 6?! of course monkeyboy rivers a six and slams his hand down on the table and instead of stacking this dumbshit’s chips im at the bar slamming a scotch. i could understand a flush draw along with an open ender but just a gutshot? really? and that children, is what we call poker.

Thursday 9/20 Soaring Eagle Casino 6:30 – $300 Qualifier to MPC Main Event
ok, let’s try this again. 144 entrants top 20% win a $1500 seat into the main. who cruises into that 20% with just under 60K in chips…ten ton does. interesting to note that 6 players at my table (which never broke) made it into the top 20%. what does that mean…means that about a 1/4 of the winners were seated at my table and as results would indicate, were some of the better players there. overall, i played solid poker – interestingly, no one called any of my shoves. ever. i was in shove mode for most of the mid levels but was able to weather the storm until late in the tournament when the deck started to smash me in the face…aa, ak, aa, ak, jj, jj . it was a beautiful thing. of all of these hands i only got to see one flop with the jacks. my reads were spot on and two perfectly timed 4 bets helped secure multiple late walks. it’s nice to not be sweatin the bubble.

Saturday 9/22 Soaring Eagle Casino 12:30 – $1500 MPC Main Event
out in 42nd place just shy of the money. key hand: last level of day 1 blinds 3000/6000. with about 70K i reshipped a mid position all in shove with ak suited. this guy was pushing with such a wide range it was a no brainer for me. i loved seeing him flip over aj off but i didnt love seeing a j on the flop. total bummer. i was left with nothing but still rallied with a double and then a triple-up but the day ended when my aq got called with jj. not so bad for my first “big” event. i felt great about my play and only felt i was “outplayed” in 2 hands. nice side note – set a nice little trap play on joe cada to bust his ass out as well. it’s always satisfying busting “pros” out especially when u see it multiple moves ahead of time. as a chess player i’ve always been a sucker for well planned checkmate. even if it’s on me i can always appreciate the artistry of destruction.

Real Trip Value + Life EV
the best part of this trip was, without a doubt, seeing my mom, dad and brother. in particular the multiple 90 minute car rides to the casino with my dad. getting lost and driving thru some of the back roads in michigan was fun (i didnt know there were that many amish communities there). it’s not often at all that we get to spend that kind of time together so in that regard it was indeed priceless. speaking of priceless…getting pulled over for speeding (while chomping on a nicorette) right after i busted out of the main added sweet insult to injury. it was rather cool not having my dad give me the “i told u so” or “wtf are u doing” speech. he just rolled with it and handed me his registration. awesome. i will definitely reflect back on these memories and i cant wait to do this all again next year. my dad is pretty fuking awesome.

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