i-dont-always-watch-suck-ass-teams-but-when-i-do-i-watch-the-minnesota-vikings-thumbsorry about the scratchy noise in the video – totally not pro and totally my fault. again, what’s new the vikings sucked it up. instead of pulling out a rare road win not to mention a road win in chicago we fuked it up as usual. just like the lions did last week, chicago looked like they were trying to hand us the win but the vikings couldnt or wouldnt accept the gift. I NEED TO CORRECT SOMETHING I SAID IN THE VIDEO. i said the defense played well but i’ve become so numb to a shitty defense that when they actually play average i think it’s really good. truth be told they have allowed over 800 yards and 60 points in 2 games. is that good? um no.

anyway – here’s a link to check out. one of the best vikings forums around. purple thoughts. i’ve been lurking on here for over 10 years – hardly ever post cos when i do i just end up arguing with some poster who has been posting there a billion times a day. that said it’s real and awesome and these are the hardcore vikings fans – cursed like the red sox used to be but worse. that’s the mentality of a vikings fan.

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