**NOTE – post is late due to ipad video issues. got it worked it out 5 days later with an ingenious work around. i’m pretty sure it wont play on a mobile device and the quality is worse…but it’s up there.

blair-walsh-project_awesome – 0-3. so far the season is perfect. this video is pretty much just more of the same bitching. right now the only regular “starter” on the team that has played great and hasnt fuked anything up is blair walsh. that’s it – just him. save the team money and just fly him to london to play the steelers next week. fire the entire coaching staff except special teams…for now. then again after a fake field goal for a touchdown and a fake punt for a long 1st down run….really? that’s anything but special teams.

i’m actually beginning to like reading the daily norseman a bit more these days. a couple of their guys are kinda funny. this guy sounds almost like the parrot i have in my apartment. at first i wasnt a fan of their site (more to do with functionality) but these guys are growing on me. at least they tell it like it is – from a fan’s perspective that expects something in return for their loyalty. they arent the fans that just accept shitty play and can forgive them for it. we would all get fired from our jobs that pay a fraction of what these guys make for the same shitty performance. there’s no time to bs – almost every single viking player and coach should be looking in the mirror saying “i know i’m playing shitty” hopefully they arent following that statement up with “but who cares i’m rich”.

fans deserve more and if you’re one of those fans that takes the kid gloves approach with these guys i feel sorry for you. try going in to work and not doing anything for a week. hopefully your boss will tell you it’s ok and give you a raise. fuk…you might even get promoted (the viking way) – at the very least keep your job for the entire year at a high salary and then maybe get canned when your idiot boss loses his job for having a bunch of non performers “work” for him.

* foto credit for the blair walsh movie poster – i dont know who did that but i love it and will give you credit for it if you lemme know.

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