mattcasselthe vikings didnt suk this week due in large part to matt cassel not turning the ball over and making decisive reads and throws downfeild. can you believe it took 4 weeks for the vikings to finally score a touchdown via a throw to a wide receiver. seriously – are you kidding me. if cassel means throwing passes longer than 5 yards to our wr’s rather than just our tight ends then god bless the man. peterson must be so happy to finally have a qb that actually requires the opposing defenses to account for deep passes and not stack the box. this is huge. not since farve have vikings fans seen this. it’s beyond imagination how it took this long and why the coaches felt this weird loyalty to keeping a qb in there who couldnt or wouldnt throw the ball down the field on a consistent basis. the offense finally looked like a BASIC nfl offense. basic is the key here….as viking fans have been beaten into submission into accepting this crappy vanilla style offense. it’s really insulting on so many levels and the fans have always been correct. ponder is indeed at best a good back up and not the starter. why did these boneheads in the front office not see this….lemme know im still scratching my head.

so yeah the vikes get their first win beating the steelers but please note….it was the steelers and the steelers actually suck dick more than the vikes. the vikings defense also allowed a ton of yards again AND gave up a ton of points to pittsburgh’s not so great offense. i’m just saying….the qb was only half our problem. addressing the equally putrid defensive play cant be overlooked. once again there was a 4th quarter drive that technically could have ended with the vikings losing. how sad. until this gets fixed these posts will always have “suck” in them. anyway, thanks cassel you deserve credit and lots of high fives from the wide outs. my video kinda sucks too btw….

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