my glasses are half full

November 27th, 2012

my glasses are half full

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tom ford glasses. i dont post a ton of style related entries but from time to time there’s gonna be that occasional “style” post. this one is about eyeglasses.  let me preface this by saying, i’m a snob when it comes to nice things – that’s for sure- but i’m completely upfront about it. i love  nice things and i have no problem paying for nice things – especially for items that can easily be categorized in the “timeless” department ie a nice crisp white shirt or a black panther tattoo….you know…essentials that never go out of style.  shoes, glasses, watches etc etc are items i dont believe anyone should be cheap about.  go skimp on other items like canned tuna, bottled water or toilet paper.

recently i updated my glasses with these frames by tom ford. pretty awesome. i always hated wearing glasses as a kid and not much has changed as an adult. rarely will i  wear glasses out in public but i have no problem with these frames – beautiful, simple, classic. i would like to thank my ever faithful stylist who helped me pick these out. i believer she is, hands down, one of the best in her field. she has an intuitive knack for finding the right fit for her clients’ respective personalities. her opinion on style and trends, albeit ever such a trivial subject to most poker players, matters to me. she should be the one doing makeovers for people on tv. having a good stylist is akin to having a good hairdresser, mechanic, tattoo artist, doctor and/or therapist. they’re all equally important. come to think of it, i think all the female “celebrity” poker players that i have seen either on tv, twitter, in mags, or online could really benefit from some quality time spent with her.  what im saying is that if you are going to leverage your looks then you should really step up your game – especially considering the fact that being a decent looking female in the poker community automatically makes you a hot/sexy/desirable female simply by virtue of  your scarcity. sort of like the red diamond and these things. the female poker players know this and the smart ones play to this. you know who you are -im sure my stylist would fly to vegas or meet with you in la. it’s worth it – trust me.

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