no texting during the hand

April 9th, 2013

no texting during the hand

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thank god for unlimited texts as most of my communication seems to be done this way. i’m usually only texting 1 or 2 people during tournaments though… and it’s usually just quick updates. i never twitter that shit because i don’t really think it’s that cool to spew on twitter like that. u become annoying if you keep twittering ur chip stack and then i don’t pay attention. ever notice that? people who spew on twitter essentially become white noise and eventually u just delete them from ur feed because they just clog it up. protester/anti-establishment people who i love to follow always do this and then i bum out cos i have to get rid of them after my brief tryst. it’s like a girlfriend that talks a lot. god…i’ve had a few of those. they were usually pretty hot which did end up balancing out the never ending babble though. anyway… usually, only a few really really really close buddies could give a crap about ur chip stack. i think if ur gonna do that then u should have a separate twitter account just for ur updates but really…is that necessary? show some restraint for god’s sake.

texts that first text in the pic is with courtenay when we were both playing a flight at the bike. first off – courtenay is jewish so he’s allowed to call himself jewish without being anti semitic and secondly since im not jewish but his best friend i get a free pass in the name of comedy to call him a jew. so…the second text was pretty one sided come to think of it – not too much back n forth going on there but i do like the steady chip level progression topped off with the final “congrats” 4 hours later. friends. we all need some.

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