one tough girl

November 20th, 2012

one tough girl

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as i mentioned in the post tournament wrap up video for the caesars classic, my friend lisa went from feeling chest pain on a monday to having emergency open heart surgery 2 days later to remove blood clots in her heart and lungs. jesus. wtf?! i was in the room she was told she had to have surgery. they literally gave her no time to deal with it. “you have to have this surgery – we’re going to cut your chest open, stop your heart and it’s happening in about an hour and half”. i hated seeing the fear in her eyes. it was gut wrenching and i wish i could have taken her place. how would you react to that? what goes through your mind? you don’t even know if you’ll make it out alive. the fear is all too real. anyway, lisa’s a fucking warrior and i’m so proud to be her friend cos she made it out alive. she was also told that it’s pretty amazing she lived because at any time she was at risk of dying instantly from the clot. damn.

that evening of her surgery i had a dream which i’m calling a vision cos it defintley was more than a dream. in it, she and i were seated at a table having a conversation while holding eachother’s hand. it was indeed a special moment. i honestly believe she came to visit me in an alternate plane. maybe, in her coma-induced state and in my dream state, we were able to link up for a minute. i was smiling really big looking at her saying “lisa i’m soooo happy to see” and she said the same thing. then i said “i need u here”. in that dream, i understood and felt a profound poignancy that has left an indelible mark on my memory. i do think our minds and souls have the ability to tap into other modes and planes of awareness. i’m not sure how or why this happens but who can rule out this possibility. sometimes we’re able to “tune in to other stations” that allow us to communicate on a level that we don’t immediately recognize as “normal”. intense and awesome. love u lisa and hope u get better soon.

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