rounders poker

July 21st, 2012

rounders poker

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rounders is one of, if not, the largest poker group on meet up. i had no idea what meet up was until a girl (sonia) at my friend’s (the dry cleaner) home game told me about it. i havent used meet up for anything else but poker. i did actually make contact with a meet up group for people that lost their pets. it wasnt my thing – i realized i preferred my grieving served up as a one man show rather than a group balloon release in the park sort of thing. plus they asked me for money to join. really? that made no sense. “hey i know ur grieving cos ur best friend just died but dont forget to bring a twenty when u show up” wow. whatever. i knew that was a brief moment of weakness on my part.

anyway…rounders is pretty well organized and i must say i have met a few very solid people there. the main organizer is scotty wayne – he’s a great ambassador for their group. a good dude with great attitude. i enjoy my conversations with him. the fact that rounders provides a solid network of good home games is amazing in it’s own right. obviously some are better than the others but what can u expect with different personalities running games. there are only a couple i would really want to play again though. i think if ur looking for social poker or if you’re just starting out then rounders is great. ultimately though, i’m a believer that if u want to practice ur craft at a higher level then u need to play in quote unquote real tournaments ie at casinos. rounders is definitely great but with the all too prevalent underlying theme of “we all have to get home early in order to sleep” the tournaments’ turbo like structures ultimately suffer the fate of bingo-esque poker. hey, it is what it is. i’m grateful to be member but definitely have scaled down my playing considerably. i barely knew how to play poker when i joined. i’m sure if i wasnt working a full time job i would be able to hit some of their better games. if you live in the la area i suggest joining rounders.

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