franpokerhandsno i’m not sleeping at the table – i’m actually writing down every single hand i was dealt. why did i do this? to disspell the notion that i was the boy crying wolf all the time about getting dealt shitty cards for the past few months. this year in general has been one horrendous run bad. the sheer lack of premium hands has definitely sucked major ass. on one hand, it’s made me a more skilled player though – case in point making day 2s routinely (in LA) without hands better than TT. another case in point was the hustler tournament won with the best hand of 77. yeah that’s cool an all fran but this is like trying to compete in a marathon wearing flip flops instead of running shoes. wait, i take that back…snowshoes…you know..these kind snowshoes-snocraft-vintage-2

i definitely think my wsop results would have been very different if i was dealt at least my statistical average of premium starting hands. that tiny difference would have made a serious impact. there is only so long you can ration out your chips and make plays with 96s. as far as writing down hands…i have routinely done this during tournaments…sometimes it helps focus but it also keeps things in perspective. for example, in the wsop i was seeing 30 hands per level on average. i can also see what hands i did play – how i did with them and where i made both good and bad plays. i find it very helpful to do this every other tournament. then again, i’m about to book an appointment with an energy healer in hopes of some sort of energy cleanse that will help me attract some decent hands. ya know the chinese say lucky in cards unlucky in love – lucky in love and unlucky in cards. they need one for unlucky in cards and unlucky in love cos that’s the state of affairs over here with snowshoe man.

i know we all know this but it’s worth noting again. the probability of getting pocket aces is 1/221 and the probability of this happening twice in a row is (1/221)2 = 1 in 48,841. also! about 2.5% of the time you can expect AA, KK, QQ, AKs or AKo – that’s 1/39. so just give me that 1/39 please…all i ask – shit that’s almost one of these 5 hands every level. imagine that….wet dream.

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