second bullet a hit

March 25th, 2013

second bullet a hit

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i’ve finally made a “happy” video. i’ve never made a quick recap of making day 2′s or winning tournies but that’s all changing just cos i’m sick of just recording the bad times buddy. not much else to add to the video except i knew after yesterday’s performance in the first flight that things would be different. i brought a solid game into the day with a lot less “gamble”. i don’t have much “gamble” in me to begin with but when i do get chips my play definitely gets a bit more “creative”. tight proved to be right and day 2 was made.

the other video recaps a third bullet that i missed with. the reason behind this bullet was that if i qualified again it would have paid 3k and i couldve gotten a bigger chip stack. made a couple mistakes – i need to fix a leak of knowing exactly where i am in a hand and still paying off the monkey with top pair. sometimes i make these calls just out of morbid curiosity. this will stop. ok…i have stopped it. i know i’m right and i dont need to keep seeing it. people are this bad and i know it and should love it. goodnight.

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