this makes 3 in row for me – all three winnin’ o’ the green events that i entered i have advanced to day 2. i mean, the writing was on the wall earlier with this year as my play keeps getting better and better. it’s akin to how ur body changes the more you workout. muscles become tighter and then they start to get dense strong if you know what i mean. solid conditioning over time. so… this deepstack event #21 has a 70K first place prize. right now im sitting in 118th/151. i feel good advancing from a field of 1277 but i’m not surprised that i made it. i’m also not surprised that i didnt get a premium starting hand the entire day. AQ and TT were the best hole cards i saw. again…no AA,KK,QQ,JJ or AK. this is only making me a better player. key folds were made and my chips were only at risk twice. both times were when i shoved flops that i had both top pair and flush draws with. i did manage to flop quads and got max value from my 20k stack. in retrospect it was more a battle dealing with frustration and my general level of patience towards the end. i could have easily made some dumb calls around the bubble that would have resulted in my exit but i was able to focus (and stay away from the scotch that i so wanted to order) and grind this bitch out.

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