selfpromospewing – probably my favorite poker term. when one “spews” they are basically pissing away their chips or cash by being either too loose or too aggressive. we’ve all done it at one point or another. spewing isnt good and if you still do it…u should really stop. why do i bring up spewing? well, because that’s the best word to describe my facebook newsfeed. it’s one long list of people spewing. spewing about, well, essentially nothing (ie their lives). not that that’s bad at all. it’s actually quite befitting of the social media-vomit automatons we have all become. oh shit – i think i’m channeling a biblical quote. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” i think that’s the line. my mother would love me for remembering that. she used to drag me and my twin brother to church to sit right beside her like frozen dobermans. it was so painful that now i strictly limit my church goings to weddings and romantic trips to italy.

ok so yes…i was once a social media sinner but then came 2012. i just added up all of my fb updates in 2012 and there’s a grand total of 10 – that’s crazy right…how aptly last nom de fitting. (that makes no sense but it really does if u think about it – i just butchered a french phrase). i’m kinda proud i wasnt update status spewy last year – sort of gives me carte blanche (no butchering here) to dole it out this year. so, in efforts to keep up with everyones children, cat, dog, plate o’ food and shameless self promotion posts (of which i have medalled in) i’ve decided to make a concerted effort to spew/say something/update/boreuwithmylife in 2013. so far this year i’ve already updated a third of last year’s total. my 2013 goal started out as every other day but even that is proving difficult for me. it will be a challenge to say the least but i feel i deep sense of responsibility to this. cue the hackneyed cliches – if ya cant beat em join em or come on in the waters warm buddy or bend over this wont hurt a bit or are we havin fun yet etc etc.

this reminds me of what an ex gf’s mother told me one day when i said i didnt want kids. she told me that i was wrong and that because i was one of the smart people i should be having kids because too many dumb people are doing it. funny but that was my reason for not wanting kids…the too many dumb people part. well im sure there’s some loose connection to that thought somewhere in this post. you get the idea – basically, i’m spewing and it’s all gonna point back to my current piece of internet realty, that being my blog which, although, in theory, was started to talk about poker, is going to get a whole lot broader (without the women and multiple commas). as dave dameshek would say let it begin

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