introducing the ten ton poker team

November 20th, 2012

introducing the ten ton poker team

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this team will function just like any hipster la motorcycle club except it will be 100 times more bad ass. (i’m sure my team patch will be cooler too – see current logo design contest). as it stands right now, this team consists of only one other person – my good buddy courtenay. hey, u have to start somewhere right? i met courtenay about a year ago at an incredibly incredibly low limit home cash game in hollywood. after the game he saw tony in my truck and as fate would have it….he also has a male boxer with a human name (bobby). even though courntey didnt know tony for long he came to say goodbye to him which really meant something to me. i had “friends” who, to this day, have never sent condolences or even mentioned his death to me. read: i have no respect for you now.

it would be great if this team eventually grows to include people that i think are solid players or people that i have either staked or bought shares of. it probably won’t though because we are operating on a modest budget…modest is an overstatement. i’ve mentioned this before but the underlying reason why i am investing money in staking other players is because i need to experience that side of the coin. obviously, i want to be staked in as many big buy in events as possible so understanding what if feels like to be on the opposite side of the stake is important for me to experience. to date, courtenay has been the only poker player to put money on me and i really appreciate that. he’s seen me make deep runs and cash in a bunch of tournaments where he’s had a piece of the action. it’s nice when people have enough faith in you to literally put money on it.

i’d like to also add that i appreciate courtenay’s style of play which is very different from mine. i think we both benefit from talking about hands as well as watching each other’s approach to the game. it’s great being able to sit down at the same table for hours and then discuss certain hands and thought processes. ultimately i know we make each other better players because of this. anyway, he’s the only guy i really trust when it comes to poker – he’s proven it by putting his money where his mouth is.

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