the tragicomedy continues

January 9th, 2013

the tragicomedy continues

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wsop circuit event #5. 0-3 bleh. solid play matters little when it all comes tumbling down with one tiny slip. level 10 – blinds 300/600 with a 75 ante. i have 15k in chips (25BB). it folds to the button who raises to 1800. im in the small blind and here is the proverbial fork in the road. with ac9c i have 4 options – fold (conservative but smart) shove (leverages max fold equity) 3bet (but that leaves me with 16BB left to either get away from the hand if called or shoved on) and then there’s the option i took which was to call. i called for 3BB leaving me with 22BB –in my mind this gave me one more big bullet for another hand if i don’t get a dream flop. that was a “tightrope” kind of decision in that i was trying to get the best of worlds when i should have been much more decisive. flop was pretty sweet though Ah2c3c – top pair with the nut flush draw. of course i shove and button snaps with AK. board bricks out and i’m done. please let me know ur thoughts on this one. i only get better talking thru these spots with other poker players. i really do want to know.

interesting hands:
early on blinds 100/200 – raised to 1k over 2 limpers with queens. a guy in late position raises to 2400. i call, flopped a Q and figured this guy was gonna try to out aggro me so i led out with 3k praying he would shove which he did and he was drawing dead with AQ and i smiling inside just loving how a plan comes together. please shoot me if i ever lose my stack in the first couple levels like that. sort of like going broke in a limped pot – just wont do it.

i lost 1/3 of my chips to quad aces which was fun. i was heads up with guy on a A38 rainbow board with a pair of tens. i raised pre and bet the flop where i was called. turn was another A which was the absolute worst card for me because it lowered the odds he was holding an A. went check check – i was prepared to ditch the pair to a turn bet but instead pushed him AI for the remainder of his chips as a semibluff on the river. obviously that plan failed miserably. i should’ve just checked and folded to his inevitable river bet but i was tryin to flex some muscle. sometimes it’s better to just flex in the mirror and not in front of people. next hand this same guy turned a straight flush. talk about getting smashed with the deck.

i got my “one time” even though i didnt ask for it. i open shoved with 15BB with A9d only to get called by AA. i ended up hitting a back door flush. i’m not complaining as i was half way out the door. i’ve had my aces cracked what seems like a billion times the past 2 months so i don’t feel any remorse for getting dirty like that with someone else’s aces.

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